Monchi on Twitter and Other News

As you may have already heard, Monchi–the man, the myth, the namesake of this blog–has joined Twitter. Normally I don’t get worked up when a new face comes to a social network, but Monchi’s arrival has been something special. Obviously, Monchi is widely seen as being a key figure in Sevilla’s glorious start to the 21st century, and his ability to find low-cost, promising talents where no one else was looking, develop them into stars in the process of winning SFC hardware, and then sell them off at a great profit is legendary. The opportunity to get any insight into how he thinks and sees the game is an incredible chance to understand the game and the inner workings of a truly unique and model club in European football, but of course top-level executives at clubs would never share anything interesting in a public forum like Twitter, right? (For the thrilling answer to this question read on…)

WRONG! In the five days since he started tweeting from @leonsfdo, he has live-tweeted his observations and strategic insights on games he’s watched (international friendlies, Copa del Rey final, etc), shared thoughts on specific players (whether they’re transfer targets or not), and has even shared some tidbits on past signings and near-signings. And he’s been INCREDIBLY responsive, answering basically every fan tweet he’s sent, apologizing for not answering more, and (and this just kills me) actually answering people who repeat questions he’s already replied to to say “I’ve already answered this question”.!/leonsfdo/status/206382366401363968

He’s done that like 10 times! I’m worried he’s either going to burn out in a week and give up on Twitter entirely, or someone is going to clue him in that it’s ok to ignore some questions and people on the internet. But for now this is awesome. Anyway, here’s a sample of the kind of information he’s been sharing:

–On why the club hasn’t been signing cheap Brazilians like they used to (e.g. Dani Alves, Luis Fabiano, Renato, etc):!/leonsfdo/status/204565546426044418

–On certain promising prospects (this is one example of MANY mini-scouting reports–I get the sense you could ask him about any player and he’d give a summary):

–On how Sevilla nearly signed RVP before he went to Arsenal (WTF I DID NOT KNOW THIS)…!/leonsfdo/status/206330784817233920

…and de Jong:!/leonsfdo/status/206383016929533953

–And even a few news items on existing players, like why Spahic isn’t playing today:!/leonsfdo/status/206406474115710978

Anyway, the list goes on and on. He’s certainly been an invaluable resource to Sevilla for many years, now he can be to you, as well!

In other news that pretty much sums up why I don’t follow transfer season very closely, Rabello’s agent has denied that there’s an agreement between his player and Sevilla, despite the fact that Michel had already confirmed the deal was done. I eagerly anticipate weeks of non-news stories being confirmed and denied. (I do not eagerly anticipate this. I’ll see you guys at the player presentation when they unveil our signings and our new Umbro jerseys). From the other end, Juventus has officially announced via press release the signing of Cáceres for €8M, which was the amount agreed as a purchase option in the loan agreement from last year, but Sevilla is yet to say anything on the matter.

There’s been a lot of interesting talk from the club as well lately, such as Michel saying that he wants to OK every player Del Nido wants to sell before a deal is made (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT), and apparently he and Betis’ Pepe Mel have had some kind of falling out, and some quantity of our players have been possibly linked with other teams that might possibly want to buy them, and some other players have been said to possibly also maybe be in the clubs’ crosshairs as possible acquisitions. More on that as it develops (again, by which I mean “when they are wearing our jersey at an official club event”). Other exciting news items, general chatting, and speculation are addressed in our guest appearance at Forza Football.

Also, this is of course an international break of sorts, so it’s worth noting that Campaña was decisive for Spain’s U-19 team  today, scoring as a sub and helping the  team come back against Italy; Hiroshi has been playing well with Japan’s U-23 squad; Rakitic got 30 minutes today with Croatia; and Navas and Negredo both started for Spain. We’ll see if anyone else sees some action over the next month!

Anyway, sorry this is such a long and rambling post after a week or two of relative radio silence. Hopefully you got through all of this but if not I guess you can take the rest in a doggy bag and read it another day.