Molde – Sevilla Match Comments

Last week Sevilla lost a rather important game, one of a relatively few opportunities to catch 4th place. Rene shared some thoughts on this that very morning. As Jonathan later noted, Sevilla’s path to fourth, and thus a Champion’s League spot, was already looking complicated before that game; they look a lot longer now, to the point that maybe a Europa League repeat is our best chance to returning to Europe’s biggest stage.

Which brings us to Thursday’s game, the return leg with Molde in the round of 32. This particular tie is pretty well taken care of after last week’s 3–0 victory, a game that I’m pretty sure happened in a parallel universe because the scoresheet says that Fernando Llorente scored, like, more than one goal. But apparently the score counts no matter what universe it happened in, and Sevilla travels to Molde with what is in all likelihood an unassailable lead. So I suppose the question isn’t so much if they win, but rather if and who they rotate, or perhaps if they should even bother trying to save players for La Liga, and just always work to ensure that we win “our” tournament?

I’m very curious to hear everyone’s thoughts, both on the general approach to this game and to this game’s specific lineup. So have it! Vamos!