Mladost – Sevilla Match Preview & Comments

Here’s your chance to be Unai Emery, manager of Sevilla FC. 

These are the facts

You have an important UEFA qualifying game in Montenegro with a solid 3-0 home advantage followed by a friendly in Manchester the very next day, and the new league season looming fast and your presidente is breathing down your neck.

You have a new team, nine new players hand picked from the Western hemisphere.

Your veterans are two Argentinian and two Spanish players.

(Navarro 13700 mins, Reyes 9100 mins, Fazio 9008 mins and Perotti 6703 mins)

Your Spanish playmaker, la perla Reyes is injured, your other Spanish veteran (Navarro) is being ousted by young Alberto Moreno, and your Argentinian playmaker is still fragile after a series of injuries.

Your fifth most veteran player (Medel, 6500 mins) is suspended.

All your season will be tainted if you do not qualify.

These are the questions

Who should be replacing Navas in this game?
What is your gameplan? Defend first and protect your advantage or finish it with an away goal?
What are you telling your boys? Stay cool or it’s the most important game of the season?
What is your teamsheet and who was the first name you wrote on it?
Are you still angry that the first leg was not televised after you spent hours at the hairdresser having your curly fringe expertly glued to your forehead?