Match Comments: Villareal v Sevilla

Jeez.  After the midweek Racing debacle I’m barely looking forward to this next match.

OK fine.  That’s a lie.  I’m always looking forward to the next match, but I’m pretty frustrated right now.  Last game was inexcusable, regardless of whether or not (feel free to debate) it was a good thing for the team’s longer term aspirations in Europa and La Liga.

Though it also sounds like our crappitude against Racing, and Diogo’s decision to go insult the ref (who in no way was responsible for our embarrassing performance) cost him the next four games (Villareal, Getafe, Elche, and Atletico).  Yeah, those are some pretty tough and pretty damn important games.  But at least Moreno is hurt and won’t be available.  So we can expect some pretty weak wing play.  And Mbia will be watching from the stands due to yellow accumulation following the (also crappy) Bilbao match.

I can’t make sense of this team.  We had a string of good results.  But for those watching, many were much less than convincing.  Truth is, this team simply hasn’t played well against tough competition.  We have a lot to prove in terms of both quality and fortitude.  Hopefully, they step up and surprise me against a Villareal side having an impressive start to their season.