Match Comments: Valencia v Sevilla

I think I’m finally starting to recover.  I’ve been in a dark place with our beloved club over the last few weeks.  Champions League catastrophe.  A number of bad Liga results dropping us from Liga contenders to nervously looking over our back at 5th place.  Sampaoli seeming increasingly likely to leave.  And of course the confirmed departure of our beloved namesake Monchi.  It’s been bad.

But time heals all (or at least most) wounds and I’m beginning to rally again.  The fun of the Depor game helped.  Finally playing with some intent and style.  Stopping the tail spin.  And of course, Ryan’s incredible set of selfies with Monchi himself have all helped.

So, when I looked at the standings this morning I realized I’d so internalized the negativity of our recent stretch, I’d forgotten we are just one point back from Atletico in the chase for third.  And let me say that just seeing that made me REALLY want to take third.  Its the last thing we have to play for and I think it matters and is a big deal.  We know that 4th is no guarantee of CL group play.  And I think that the guarantee of CL is more critical this season than ever when we’ll be facing unprecedented uncertainty in team leadership.

A new manager or GM will both want to know that they will have the resources and the spotlight of a CL team.  Players who may be uncertain about Sevilla’s future will be drawn to these opportunities.  Having this uncertainty resolved will be an important counterbalance to the broader uncertainty this team is facing in the offseason.  And its doable.  We just need to play well and kick some Valencia ass tomorrow.

Valencia have been playing MUCH better lately.  And this will be a very tough match.  Undoubtedly, they will want to make a point that they are on par with us despite a catastrophic first half of their season.  They have talented players who simply have not gelled… until recently.  I’m expecting an absolute war, but I’d like to see our team show up and put forward its best, putting those Valencia bastards back in their place and making it abundantly clear to all onlookers that the gulf between us and them is in fact even bigger than the standings suggest.

In the meantime, I’d have no complaints if Atleti somehow managed to drop points against Osasuna.  Hahah!  I suppose that’s probably asking for too much.

Anyway, VAMOS!!!