Match Comments: Valencia v Sevilla

I think I’m finally starting to recover.  I’ve been in a dark place with our beloved club over the last few weeks.  Champions League catastrophe.  A number of bad Liga results dropping us from Liga contenders to nervously looking over our back at 5th place.  Sampaoli seeming increasingly likely to leave.  And of course the confirmed departure of our beloved namesake Monchi.  It’s been bad.

But time heals all (or at least most) wounds and I’m beginning to rally again.  The fun of the Depor game helped.  Finally playing with some intent and style.  Stopping the tail spin.  And of course, Ryan’s incredible set of selfies with Monchi himself have all helped.

So, when I looked at the standings this morning I realized I’d so internalized the negativity of our recent stretch, I’d forgotten we are just one point back from Atletico in the chase for third.  And let me say that just seeing that made me REALLY want to take third.  Its the last thing we have to play for and I think it matters and is a big deal.  We know that 4th is no guarantee of CL group play.  And I think that the guarantee of CL is more critical this season than ever when we’ll be facing unprecedented uncertainty in team leadership.

A new manager or GM will both want to know that they will have the resources and the spotlight of a CL team.  Players who may be uncertain about Sevilla’s future will be drawn to these opportunities.  Having this uncertainty resolved will be an important counterbalance to the broader uncertainty this team is facing in the offseason.  And its doable.  We just need to play well and kick some Valencia ass tomorrow.

Valencia have been playing MUCH better lately.  And this will be a very tough match.  Undoubtedly, they will want to make a point that they are on par with us despite a catastrophic first half of their season.  They have talented players who simply have not gelled… until recently.  I’m expecting an absolute war, but I’d like to see our team show up and put forward its best, putting those Valencia bastards back in their place and making it abundantly clear to all onlookers that the gulf between us and them is in fact even bigger than the standings suggest.

In the meantime, I’d have no complaints if Atleti somehow managed to drop points against Osasuna.  Hahah!  I suppose that’s probably asking for too much.

Anyway, VAMOS!!!

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  2. Just saw your comment and thought I’d missed kick off!!! Haha!

    Valencia have nothing to play for in terms of relegation survival or Euro Qualification, but the historical rivalry between us should make for a high pressure game, one that if we play to our best we can cope with, but I’d probably take a point at this stage.

  3. Hard game for us this! Valencia are much better in 2nd half of season and one of the only teams to beat Real Madrid in their own stadium, (us being the other, which was the high of the season)

    All depends on motivation and confidence of both teams. Hopefully that win last week has give us some confidence and we can push on and finish strong. We still in great position to wrap up top 4 and potentially achieve our highest points haul or at least get near the 76 mark. I think the home games will be key to getting us there. With games against, celta, Granada and osasuna especially.

    I think we won’t get 3rd, as atletico are really strong right now and playing once again like a side that been in 2 champions league finals and that won the la Liga title!

    Vamos Sevilla! We still got a great side and sampaoli mixed things up last week and it worked. We have plenty of layers to our game and plenty of options. I would take a point today but we have the ability to win it albeit it will be difficult and it’s a 50/50 game.

  4. Sevilla atleti thrashed valladolid 6-2 today. I’d be fine if the first team can repeat that result.

  5. mmm… crappy turn of events.

    vitolo with a bad turnover that rico is fortunate to tip over the bar. not clear what he did but seems to have pulled a musle on the play and now vitolo has to be subbed off in the 15′ for jovetic.

    shitty. hope he’s ok.

  6. slingtv is working like shit. apparently jovetic just hit a shot off the post within a minute of coming on. but slingtv was just showing me a black screen for that stretch… looking forward to unsubscribing from that service soon.

  7. Yes it was bad luck for jovetic, sevilla / iborra captured possession just outside the boxand put jovetic through, good shot but rebounded off post into goalkeepers arms. Sevilla look ok apart from the shortage ofconnection with simple passes, they’re almost always better in the second half, lets hope so.

  8. Just go fuck yourself, Gonzalez Gonzalez. Miss absolutely obvious red card handball, then book Iborra for pointing out that Nzonzi is down with a head injury when the idiot wants play to continue.

  9. Couldn’t watch the game, just tuned in. A point would be good considering how crappy we are and how good Valencia is lately.

    Very pessimistic that we can hold on to the 4th till the end though… let’s see what happens. Sampaoli’s mind is not within our club that’s for sure.

      1. Yes, why excessive? If Villarreal will be in mood till the last match, it will be seriously at risk. With a potential win of theirs tomorrow night, the gap will be only 5 points. Nothing excessive about that.

      2. Villareal have away games against Valencia, Barcelona, and Atleti all remaining. And, even if they win tomorrow, will be 5 points behind us.

        I’m not saying its impossible for them to catch us. But you’re saying you’re “pessimistic” suggesting you think its unlikely we hold on… Or maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

        i think we have about an 80-90% chance of finishing 4th or higher. plenty of work remaining, but it looks pretty good. im optimistic.

        Sociedad and Bilbao are 10 and 9 points back.

  10. I am very happy with that. Solid point and clean sheet at a team in form and historical big club and difficult place to go. That is one of our hardest games out the way. We got 2 home games now against Granada and celta. Hopefully we can get 6 points there to all but wrap up the 4th spot! 🙂

  11. This is a great team/squad trapped in a poor system.

    Poco dibujo, they say in Spanish, that’s to say the blueprInt or plan is not sufficiently elaborate, I’d say there’s no recognizable connection between defence and attack, only random chance. The defence is actually very good but the play out of defence system puts it at greater risk, instead of reducing risk.

  12. We have 4 of the last 6 at home! We strong favourites in all the home games! Plus Malaga away isn’t the most difficult away game. Only Real Madrid away is the guarantee loss most likely but from the rest we should get enough to get the top 4! The others have a lot of work to do and Villarreal especially have harder games!

  13. atleti’s remaining schedule is pretty soft unfortunately. though they do still have champion’s league, so who knows? but it looks like it would be very to come back from 3 points down on them with 6 games remaining, especially since they have the tie breaker.

  14. Alaves 2-0 up against Villarreal at half time. All the teams flagging behind us. Just not at our level, eh guys? Haha 🙂 Top 4 looking great! Being 8 points ahead, plus we play tony Adams Granada, can’t think of a better game, as they in disarray.

    However, we need to put the record straight with them. Dunno, how we lost 3 in a row to that awful side. Vamos Sevilla!!

  15. Yup. Loss to alaves is great for us and not terribly surprising as alaves have been a respectable side this season. 4th looking better at the end of this match day than it did going in.

  16. Yh they been a breath of fresh air in la Liga! We had 2 tough games against them!

    Yep, we got a good cushion, turned out to be a valuable point at Valencia now! 🙂

  17. A point against Valencia away is never a bad result. I think we can hold onto to 4th. Cant help thinking though this team has missed a golden opportunity this year to achieve something really special. In Dec / Jan, we looked as though we could really challenge for the both la liga and CL. I dont know why all the problems happened with really bad loss of form with key players? Continous Biris issues? Monchi leaving and now Sampoli having very strong links with first Barca and now Argentina. Its never a steady ship at Sevilla. Despite incredible success in recent years with a well established profile of being a top team, why does this sort of thing happen at a club? If the team is fighting relegation battles I might understand it better then?

    1. We got into top form way too soon, and now it is costing us. While 4th is still great, ending up 3rd would give us a care-free spot directly to the group stages, but now it is too late for that.

      Perhaps the next 2 home matches will be crucial in keeping the 4th. Good thing that the ones chasing us, especially Villarreal, are showing signs of weakness, so let’s see what happens.

  18. Meanwhile in CL, classic robbery from UEFADRID. Seems that they’re so jealous of Barca’s ‘sextuple’ and they know they can’t achieve it in a long while, so they’re investing in back to back CL’s to be the first ever team to do so. However, no one expect RM fans will count it as deserved, so Uncle Flo can stick it up his.

    Atletico showing what a serious and competent team is all about.

  19. The model club to base a blueprint on! Atletico Madrid are that team. I have huge respect and admiration for them. That’s what I want us to get like. a professional outfit, and they get the job done.

    Whatever the opposition, 8/9 times out of 10 they come out on top! Leicester give them a battle but atletico’s resilience, fight and quality shone through!

    Yeah corrupt refs bailing Real Madrid out again. Sad this keeps happening but no longer surprised.

  20. Valverde also rumored, along with Quiqe Flores of Las Palmas.

    Out of the 3 rumors so far (Ranieri, Valverde, Flores, the latter is my least favorite, while the first two could bring something interesting to our side).

  21. I would love Celta to keep the trophy “in house” so to speak. Failing that, anyone except Man Utd.