Match Comments: Sevilla-Villareal

I’m not sure I’m over that Espanyol match just yet.  The bitter taste in my mouth still lingers.

And while many of us were comfortable with exit from the Copa del Rey and putting our full focus on La Liga and the Champions League, the drawback means that after disappointing results like last week, we have to just sit and stew on them with no distraction.  So, yeah.  I’ve been stewing and looking forward to a huge matchup in the early game tomorrow.

While we’ve been daydreaming about the teams equal or above us, I’m sure Villareal has us squarely in their sights.  They’re back eight points, but that can evaporate more quickly than we might like to think.  And while we’re missing Pareja (BS suspension) and Escudero isn’t fit yet, I believe Villareal are considerably more depleted than we are.  So let’s take this opportunity and make the most of us.

This is our chance to solidify a Champions League spot while keeping pace with Barca and putting pressure on Real Madrid.  As I mentioned earlier, we had Atleti, Real, and Barca at home during the first half but we had a big group of the other tough teams away.  We are going to benefit from that this half by hosting Villareal, but we need to make it count.  We absolutely need all three.

I’m gonna have to watch the game on delay, so please fill up the comments and make me proud.


Team list: Rico, Soria, Mariano, Lenglet, Mercado, Rami, Carriço, Kranevitter, Iborra, Nzonzi, Sarabia, Ganso, Nasri, Correa, Franco Vázquez, Vitolo, Jovetic, Vietto and Ben Yedder

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  1. I felt the same way. When the referee ruined the last game real early, it’s like we’ve been deprived 2 whole weeks of seeing our team play. The loss was secondary to me, cause i feel with how Espanyol improved that it could’ve been a really interesting match akin to our 1st meeting.

    And I agree with you Rene in terms of the importance of this game. I think Villarreal is our biggest threat to a Top 4 spot. The result of this match will show what race we’re really a part of.

    Gonna have to find some alternative way to watch this game. Apparently BeIn Sports thinks it’s better to show infomercials than two Top 6 clubs meet.

  2. My stream dropped out. Hopefully it will come back but we have been well on top this half. Jovetic should have got a penalty for being clearly held.. more hugged and pulled back.

    Yedder came awfully close only with an exceptional save stopping his close range header from an incredible mercado ball forward. A nasri vitolo combination ended in vitolo dancing around defenders in a crowded box only to shoot wide.

    Nasri picked up an unlucky yellow in my opinion.

  3. Clear penalty not given there on Jojo…. why can’t we ever have a penalty at the beginning of the match… a red to the opponent and then have a blast by playing freely in the pitch…. oh well!

    We’re totally dominating the game and although Villarreal had a couple of good chances to score, they do not seem to be a big threat today. Nasri is keeping the ball for too long, even though he knows what he’s doing and all that… but sometimes a quicker play is needed to create more chances vs. a bus-parking Villarreal… a shame really for the yellow submarine, which should sink in the second half if we step it up and create more chances.

    I expect a narrow win… though anything can happen. It would be a disaster to lose vs. this pathetic bus-parking and counter-attacking Villarreal…. we need to score 1 early in the second half in order to have a clearer mind till the end of the match.

    However, if we score the first goal, there might be more to come next as the yellow’s will open up more.


  4. 1 point…. 3rd place seriously at risk now, with Atletico getting back in shape.

    Nasri… that was unforgivable, at this point of the season… I can’t remember watching a more negligent and soft kick from the penalty spot… just shameful, should’ve buried that in. Vitolo did a great job providing it after conceding a foul, even though it was 50-50 and still Jojo’s was more a penalty than Vitolo’s.

    Villarreal came for the draw in RSP and they got it, props to them for wasting time and playing some ugly ultra-defending and counter-attacking (trying to, with no success) football… didn’t know the yellow submarine could play as ugly as this… lesson learned.

    Anyway, we should’ve done way more, we were not sharp up front and take away a couple of chances that we had (Villarreal had more or less the same amount)… we were quite poor and didn’t know what to do with the ball most of the time, especially Nasri and Mudo were clueless and just passing around the whole match. Not sure if this is Villarreal’s bus-parking effect or we were just piss poor. The domination is pointless if there is no concrete result from that = goal.

    Hopefully we don’t lose the 3rd place, though I highly doubt that we keep it with Atletico very close to us and Villareal/Sociedad in the horizon.

    Refereeing was pretty good in overall. He corrected Jojo’s penalty mistake by awarding us one on Vitolo (never expected Vitolo would get a penalty these days).

  5. Not good enough that! Title hopes gone now. Must focus on 3rd but yeah that’s far from safe with atletico’s return to form!

    We must keep going but improvement needed fast

  6. Well, like i said before we have problem converting our dominance into gosls. We should’ve had scored atleast 2 goals today. Problem is same , our players pass when they can shoot and shoot when they can pass. Taking off WBY for Vietto was stupid decision. Only player who has natural instinct for goal in our side is WBY. Unfortunately he didn’t get ball in space to shoot like Nasri ,Sarabia and Vitolo , once he got he burried it, but he was offside. As far as Nasri penalty is concerned, it was very weak , what a wasted opportunity. Take penalty and atleast put power into it.

    1. WBY was not taken out, rather Jojo for Vietto… still a stupid decision considering Vietto is as rusty as a non-used tool in the garage for ages. Vietto should come in only if WBY and Jojo are injured or extremely tired… which none happened by the way and Vietto still gets minutes in important matches like today… smh.

    1. Don’t think so… perhaps a tactical decision to put Sarabia up there and have protection in the defense from counters, given that it was 0-0 at the time, so couldn’t risk with both Mariano and Sarabia as the defense would be more vulnerable. Mercado did a good job in overall, Rami and Lenglet too… the fault lies within the midfield and the attackers, who were poor today.

  7. Leicester destroyed by Man Utd at home (0:3). Hopefully we can take advantage of their poor form and pathetic defense in two weeks.

  8. Leicester really could be relegated from the English premier league. It’s like last year never happened and they back to their usual level, which maybe english 2nd tier level the way it looking. They are woeful all over the field. They plummeting like a stone, if we anywhere near our best we could humiliate them like.

    1. They will try to give 100000% against us as humiliation is definitely one of the scenarios… like total humiliation, nothing like we did vs. Celta, Sociedad, Malaga…. much worse.

      They know that well and I’m fearing it will be an ugly game and hopefully no injuries in our side.

      Gotta agree with Jamie Carragher that said it will be silly for them to sack Ranieri at this point, a manager that took a bunch of average players that they are (true) and made them EPL champions (heroic). No other manager can do anything with that team… just look at their pathetic defenders, Huth…. Morgan…. Ballesteros of Levante was like Chiellini compared to them. Then some pathetic midfielders like Drinkwater etc. whose technical skills are below 0. Kante was the only one with world class material and of course, Chelsea acted fast and took him. The others were just over-performing and other teams did not take them seriously… hence the surprising results vs. the big teams of EPL. I still laugh to this day at those comparing Leicester’s title win with Atletico’s…. crazy. Atletico had a team that could beat RM and Barca and bully them both since 2012-13. Then it culminated in 2013-14.

      Leicester are nothing more than a bunch of average players that over-achieved due to other team’s underestimating them and mainly, most importantly due to Ranieri… now they’re calling for his head… stupid pathetic fans and stupid pathetic players (if rumors are true that some “key” players do not believe in Ranieri and want him out).

      We may not be in the best form currently and hopefully we step it up in the next 2 games before facing Leicester in CL… however, if we get eliminated by this pathetic side, we do not deserve anything this season, not even CL spot in La Liga. It doesn’t matter what could happen, I understand that it is football and all that… but Leicester are shit, battling relegation, pathetic players (especially defense) and we should eliminate them fair and square… no excuses what so ever. Add to that our experiences with EL that players like Vitolo, Rami, Pareja, Soria, N’Zonzi, Iborra etc. have….. we should be in the quarters without the slightest doubt!

  9. There was a very strange atmosphere at the game yesterday, the RSP was like a library due to the Biris silence protest and I’m sure this affected our players. Let’s hope things get back to normal for the visit of Eibar.

    @ Chris In answer to your question above I have no interest at all in a sporting event that lasts for around 3 hours and yet contains about only 10mins of action.

  10. 1 point from 6 in la vuelta, it’s not good but we’re OK. Perhaps we expect too much but it’s clear that Sevilla are the best team in la liga and by that I refer to the first 11 and the depth of the squad. I’m really teed off with the politics of present day football and how Sevilla are getting the treatment to keep them from producing an upset, also fed up with the gutless president who should have lawyers crawling all
    over the league establishment. I thought collective punishment was a thing of the Nazis.

    Tim Spence

    1. TIM SPENCE!

      back after…. 3 years? welcome back brother!

      agreed that the league is pretty frustrating. im not sure if there’s a widespread conspiracy… but i also wouldn’t rule it out.

  11. Good news: Nasri’s 5th yellow was removed today by the RFEF Committee after our appeal, and he will now be able to play against Las Palmas, however, still has 4 yellows and will risk missing a match if he gets another yellow.

    1. Finally had a chance to read/watch all of this. It’s excellent. Everyone should take a look. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Enzo Maresca retiring…lots of love for this guy. Interesting fact about his Man of Match donation.

    “Maresca’s most successful spell came during his four-season spell at Sevilla – whom he joined from Fiorentina in 2005 for €2.5m – where he won five major trophies: two UEFA Cup’s, Copa del Rey, UEFA Super and Supercopa de Espana.

    He scored twice in the 2006 UEFA Cup final victory over Middlesbrough where he was made Man of the Match, donating the €10k prize money to the San Juan de Dios hospital in Seville.”

  13. If we don’t win tomorrow night, hopes for the third will be minimal with Sociedad and Atletico in great form. We would most likely end 5th at that point as it seems. Tomorrow’s victory will be crucial and KEY for the season.