Match Comments: Sevilla v Real Sociedad

I shake my fist at you, international break!  You suck!  All of my football watching enthusiasm and excitement gets sapped and put into a coma.  I check out of the totally disinteresting Euro qualifiers who will be played among a bunch of teams I would all root against in any World Cup.  I realize that’s probably my minority opinion, but come on.  There has to be a better way.  This many international breaks is just so disruptive to any type of a flow or rhythm of a season.

Anyway, apparently we’re playing a match this evening.  And apparently, Chris is a boss and convinced Unai Emery to send him some ridiculous Sevilla swag.  But I’m not jealous.  Why would I be jealous?  (Hey Unai, why hasn’t my Sevilla supporter package arrived yet?!  Did you mis-transcribe my address?  I’m sure its on its way).

Actually, all I really want from you is three points in La Liga away from the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.  But if that’s not possible, I’d happily accept a personalized, signed Sevilla jersey.  Just let me know whichever one is easier for you.

OK.  Joking aside.  Emery, we love you.  Extend your contract and stay with us forever.  But please stop kicking short corners and start getting points away.

And on to the match.  We’re playing a match!  It’s against a team named Real Sociedad who are perfectly mediocre today.  My analysis will consist of this: We are playing at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, so we are 100% certainly all three points.  With this small qualifier: We play a bit crappy following breaks, so maybe we won’t get all three points.

Villareal plays away at Eibar which will be a tough match for them.  If we are to have any prayer at 4th, we’re gonna need them to drop some points.  Today seems like a good day.  And while we’re at it, we’ll probably have to handle business on our end as well.


PS. I just assume that in this photo, Unai is logging in to our sight, reading our insightful analysis, and posting lots of comments under some alias that none of us have figured out yet.  I’m hoping it wasn’t shendm, or we may have unintentionally pissed him off.