Match Comments: Sevilla v Real Sociedad

Admittedly, I think most of our enthusiasm has waned on this season.  I still haven’t fully recovered from our Champions League crash and then drop in form in La Liga.  But things still matter.  We have, by no means, guaranteed Champions League play next year.  And, in case you’ve been living in a cave, that is a pretty big deal.  We’re just five points up on Villareal.  That is, of course, a pretty solid lead with three games left.  But if we lose today and they pull of a win against Barca, then I would start to be very nervous about 4th especially with a trip to Madrid looming.  On the other side, if we win, as we damn well should, and Villareal fail to beat Barca, then we’ve clinched fourth.  All of that makes this match pretty damn big for us.

Unfortunately, its also a pretty big match for Sociedad who sit in 7th just 1 point back of sixth.  Of course, if Barca beat Alaves in the Copa del Rey final, 7th will be good enough for La Real to qualify for Europa, but they would presumably like to avoid the play in matches if possible.

I really don’t have much more to add.  I think most of us are pissed at Sampaoli and more or less ready to get on with, yet another, tumultuous off season.  So, I’ll just stop rambling now.  Unfortunatly, I can’t watch the game today, but please fill up the comments so I relive it through you all.

Here’s the team list.  Most notable is the inclusion of old friend Michael Krohn-Dehli.  Would love to see him get some minutes today or in the final match against Granada to appreciate his arduous recovery from a gruesome injury at the end of last season.

Team: Sergio Rico, Lenglet, Kranevitter, Krohn-Dehli, Iborra, Nasri, Ben Yedder, David Soria, Nzonzi, Jovetic, Sarabia, Escudero, Ganso, Vitolo, Nico Pareja, Franco Vázquez, Rami, and Mercado.


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  1. Lineup:
    Mercado – Rami – Lenglet – Escudero
    Vitolo – Sarabia
    Nasri – Vazquez
    Ben Yedder

    Soria – Kran – MKD- Iborra – Jovetic – Ganso – Pareja

  2. Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez calls the end to the half right at 45′ with Sevilla breaking away with an advantage. smh he’s the worst

  3. RS got lucky with their goal. Sevilla keeps the pressure, but needs more. Only one sub used – Ganso for Mudo. 79′ not sure why we haven’t seen Jovetic yet

  4. RS down a man; kid kicks Vitolo in the chest, but says he dove. Jovetic and Iborra coming on – no MKD today. Lot’s of time wasting by RS.

  5. Perhaps the ‘Gods of Football’ are trying to tell us that we do not deserve CL football next season with these signs. That must’ve been one of the most pathetic goals ever conceded in Sevilla’s history. Rico and the defense at fault once again, what a shame.

    We are now one mistake away vs. Osasuna and EL here we come again!

  6. Congrats to Atletico for securing the 3rd spot. A very brave season from them this one. Hats off to Simeone and the players.

    1. If Bilbao doesn’t win tomorrow vs. Alaves away, then 4th is sealed. If they do, they have an easy game afterwards vs. Leganes at home and then Atletico away, who have nothing to play for after getting 3rd.

      Villarreal is out of the question since most they can get is 69 points, and we will definitely get at least a point vs. Osasuna, the players will not be able to screw that up even if they want to. A win might be complicated, but at least a draw is guaranteed, even though nothing is certain in football.

  7. 4th is still most likely ours but we have to get points against osasuna. Or we can lose fourth to Bilbao or Villarreal.We will be leaving everything late as usual

  8. We have stumbled over the line like expected. This is not surprising though. With all the speculation with sampaoli who is going to go at end of season. Furthermore, losing monchi and also with players having their heads turned by other clubs. When we had our best spells we racked up the points to get us where we are now. It’s a shame we tailed off as we were on course for our best season ever.

    However, overall the season is still a success if we get top 4! 🙂

  9. Yes Bilbao got beat! Thank you alaves, they been great to us, as I remember them beating Villarreal too! 🙂

    We are there all but surely, not mathematically but it’s done now. We can still call this season a success, finishing top 4 and reaching last 16 of champions league, we all would have signed for that at start of season. It’s disappointing as maybe we could have did more or maybe we overachieved early on in year, so we should be happy overall

    1. Mark look, I see it a bit different. 4th place is definitely an important achievement, considering that Emery couldn’t get us above 5th for 3 seasons in a row, even though quite unlucky in the 2014-15 historical season.

      My view is this: We have failed in CDR and failed to reach the objective in CL which was quarter finals, getting eliminated by the arguably weakest opponent on paper from all the possible opponents, maybe alongside Porto (who beat our opponents 5-1 at home).

      Achieving 4th is great, however, Emery and other managers never had the luxury that Sampaoli had this season. The management and Monchi have constructed the team in regard to Sampaoli’s wishes. We have never had this many star players, or at least worldwide known and proven players like: Nasri, Jovetic, Vitolo, N’Zonzi, Mudo, etc. all in one team.

      It is another thing that we have reached our peak form in December and then started to go downhill from then on.

      The team that Sampaoli had available, at least on paper, had to logically get past Leicester and achieve top 3, considering Atletico not being as strong as last season. How things turned around, especially not even having mathematically secured 4th until the last match (or 2 matches before the end if Villarreal doesn’t win their next match), cannot be considered a big success.

      We have gone from 3 EL’s in a row and a season with the most points ever in the club’s history (2014-15), to not being able to get past the 1/16th of the CL and doing miserably poor in CDR (sure, it was RM, but we could’ve done way better yet again).

      It still feels a kind of a downgrade from the past seasons, especially with the disappearance of our strongest weapon, the counter attack. In some matches where it was really needed we felt choked, not knowing what to do or how to approach the game, when simple counters, the ones that RM, Atletico etc. use in a regular basis, were completely missing.

      Sampaoli is simply not a good club manager and we had to learn that through the hard way, with a lot of defensive mistakes, no seriousness within the club (8 penalty takers and all that drama), mini-Argentina with Kranevitter being the leader of the midfield and many micro-management mistakes that in case of avoidance, we could’ve done way better this season.

  10. hmmm… i’m more in Mark’s camp than shendm.

    objectively, our pre-season goals were 4th and survive group stage of CL. i dont think anyone would’ve been very bothered by losing to RM in the CdR.

    of course, our insane first half, had us hoping for more. and that’s why most of us are disappointed and disillusioned right now. add on top of that Sampaoli’s likely exit/betrayal, and Monchi’s departure, and the mood is pretty dark here. but as far as season’s objectives on the pitch, so long as we don’t lose to osasuna, i will consider them achieved.

    and then we can dive into what will be another extremely tricky offseason. maybe our trickiest ever.

  11. Very important win for Sevilla Atletico against Mirandes tonight.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbPSanFa11M – highlights of the match

    Churripi definitely deserves to be at least the second goalkeeper next season, as every time I see the highlights of this team, he is making at least 1-2 great saves and definitely worth a shot to have some healthy competition for Rico.

    Meanwhile, wouldn’t be bad to see Ivi and Gual get some chances too in the pre-season and why not some other players as well. We need to get something out of the canteras.

  12. I think our season objective have been achieved but only just. At a minimum we would have been aiming for group stage qualification and top 4. We certainly haven’t exceeded expectations as we all dream of.

    Anyway a season of extremely high highs(first half of season) and extremely low lows with Monchi leaving.. And our loss to piss poor Leicester.

  13. hmm, with the end of the season approaching the transfer winds are picking up. Rami has stated he would not mind going back to France and Marseille in particular if they come calling. Meanwhile Bacca is looking to leave Milan who are looking to recoup the 25m euros they paid for him 2 years ago.

    I wouldn’t mind if Rami left but we do need someone to fill in his shoes, in fact I’m thinking a number of our first team squad would be out the door after this so-so season. Tremoulinas, Krane (thank god), Vietto, Nasri, Ganso and Pareja are probably gone, N’zonzi came back to earth after the mid-season break so there’s a good chance he’ll stay, I also hope Iborra stays and the basement clubs in the EPL just lay off him.

    I’m encouraged by the performances from Correa and Sarabria and we should build on them along with Vitolo, Ben Yedder and Mudo. The team is solid but we need quality reinforcements so hopefully Oscar Arias is half the person Monchi was.

    1. Strong rumors out there linking Vitolo with Barca.

      Iborra should definitely stay, along with Correa, Sarabia, agreed with that. Not very sure on Mudo and Ben Yedder, especially Mudo, but yet also not sure who the new manager will be, so it will all depend on the new manager’s philosophy and needs for his tactics.

      Rami is solid, but definitely not irreplaceable. Same goes to Pareja, he’s very old and although he performed very well in the first part of the season, many mistakes in the second hindered the performances of the first as he gradually became a liability in the defense.

      Mercado will also possibly stay and he’s a fighter plus can run a lot and not very old so would keep him.

      N’Zonzi will 99% leave, even though it would be good to keep him now that he is a proven midfielder with a lot of experience and could help us a lot for the next season.

      Not sure on Ganso though. With the departure of Sampaoli, he might consider the sub role, just assuming at this point.

      Moreover, I’m pretty confident that Arias will more or less carry on the good work of Monchi and why not even step it up a bit with the help of Castro & Co. (not sure on that).

      Wouldn’t get Bacca, he’s not suitable for us at this point. Also, still not sure whether Jovetic’s buying option should be activated. Jojo is definitely very skilled and can help us a lot, but after the great performance in January and until mid-February, he then went on to show that he can play 1-2 matches well, then suck on 2-3 others, so no consistency on him.

      At the end of the day, it will all depend on the new coach so let’s wait and see.

      First thing’s first, get at least a point vs. Osasuna (assuming Villarreal wins both of their easy remaining matches).

      1. I’m just hoping while Monchi left he didn’t take his whole setup with him (the scouting network and practice of having scouts come up with a starting 11 of players who performed well in each league every month) I was very impressed with this and a list of prospective targets for next season should probably be complied by now. I do feel other clubs are catching on as we missed out on Ndidi who went to Leicester and is statistically better than Kante, we should’ve been sniffing around him I guess.

        I get your concerns regarding WBY but he is our only reliable first team striker . Vitolo to Barca would be a step backwards for both him and Sevilla, he won’t fit in MSN’s style of play and they have Denis Suarez and Rafinha in the wings. But if the bid is too much there’s not much the club can do.

        I thought we already took the option on Jovetic, he’s not listed as on loan from Inter on the wiki page but he was never really consistent since leaving Fiorentia.

  14. Who we are going to keep will depend on the new manager, mostly. Obviously if a player wants to go, or the price is right (out of orbit) then we’ll sell. Want to see the back of Nasri, Vietto, Krannevitter and sadly Sergio Rico. I’d be happy, if not overjoyed to keep the rest.

    (Forgot to mention the contract rebel traitor Tremoulinas, god speed back to France, or Betis)

    Also not really fussed about losing Rami.

    It’s probable that MKD will never reach previous level and he’ll be sold.

    The big question is what to pay for Jovetic.

      1. same here, I thought he was out injured too, though given the reported injury it’s weird he hasn’t suited up for the entire season.

  15. If we had 1 point more, we would be qualified in 4th place and play out the final two games with traquility and style making it much easier to win. But that’s not the case and we must go to Madrid with a few injuries and play against Madrid’s favourite referee. Imagine the nerves in RSP if we need a point against Osasuna.

    But whatever happens (eufa would be a crime I know) I’m extremely satisfied with the season considering the wholesale changes to squad, manager and style of play, it’s gone well.

  16. Congrats to RM for reaching the final. This is the second tie after the 2014 semis vs. Bayern that were either fully deserved (no cheating) or tough ties for RM.

    Still think that Juve will beat them in the final though, but it will surely be a cracker!

  17. Meanwhile, reportedly Sandro refused Sevilla… what a shame, a very good player and in top form lately.

    We have now turned an eye to Quintero of Porto. He stated that he admires Sevilla a lot… let’s see what happens, he’s a decent striker though.

    Vitolo stated that is it solely up to the club to listen to the offers for him. Meaning, if the club doesn’t want to sell him, he’ll stay here, which is good. Let’s see what surprise Castro has for us this summer.

  18. Thriller matches tonight in EL. Out of the 2 finalists, Man Utd didn’t deserve to go through from the performance in both legs, however, the luck goes with the Kim Kardashian of football, Mourinho.

  19. Squad List for Tomorrow: Rico, Kranevitter, Lenglet, Carrico, Krohn-Dehli, Vietto, Correa, Ben Yedder, Soria, Montoys, N’Zonzi, Jovetic, Vitolo, Pareja, Vazques, Mercado, Diego Gonzalez, y Jose Mena (A youth prospect)