Match Comments – Sevilla FC vs. Leganes

Well here we are merely four days before playing the return leg against Leicester City to possibly advance to the quarter finals for the first time ever. Let’s not look ahead, yeah right…I guarantee everyone of those players and everyone of our fans are thinking of nothing else this weekend, but getting through this game to make a quick flight over to jolly ol’ England to face the defending EPL champs for a chance at glory.

With last week’s disappointment pretty much killing our hopes of a title run, and the game coming up on Tuesday, how seriously will our boys take this game? I’m sure Sampaoli and the fans in the RSP will bring the fire, the passion and the energy, but will the players? I believe a dominating performance is needed to take us into Tuesday’s game with the confidence we need to finish what we started a few weeks ago.

It will be interesting and an early one. Ten fifteen start here on the East coast in the US, 4PM start in Sevilla where it will be a nice high-70 degree day.
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  1. I’d be wary of Leicester tonight, they’re having a mini-revival under their caretaker manager, or what you would call a “Dead Coach Bounce” where the team plays better after firing their incumbent manager. Their last game was on the 4th of March and they won 3-1 at home which shows they still have some tricks up their sleeve. I really Samp plays it tight and benches Krane for the sake of our season, he’s just on a different wavelength from the others.

    On another note, I’m logged in as keepingitrealistic but it still shows me as “anonymous”, I also get this message when I log in to my account “An automated WordPress update has failed to complete! Please notify the site administrator.” Can anything be done about it? Or would I need to register a new account

    1. Try with a new account mate… and sort it out in the wordpress profile page. I also had similar issue with the avatar and stuff, but fixed it somehow through WP profile page and creating a new account initially.

      As for Leicester, true, they are in a bit of a momentum as of now, however, them and their fans are fooling themselves with those two wins. I happened to watch one of them, vs. Loserpool, and for them to repeat that kind of win, it will take two things, them to play like that night (fully focused and merciless, 100% pumped up and no mistakes made), and us to play like Loserpool (pathetic bunch of players jogging around the field and not having a clue how to make a proper build up play, with countless errors in the midfield).

      So it will take 2 out of 2, and let’s hope at least one of the elements will not be fulfilled.

      As for their win vs. Hull City…. I mean come on, anyone can beat Hull and about time they try and survive in the EPL.

      Anyway, agreed that Krane should be out of sight for tomorrow night, and I’m definitely not going to ask for Sampaoli’s head no matter what happens this season, until the end of the season, but if Krane, Correa and/or Vietto see any minutes tomorrow and we end up getting eliminated, he needs to answer a lot of questions and I would hope that the board seriously considers Lillo’s option and cut this crap with the love for Argentinians.