Match Comments: Sevilla FC v. Racing Santander (Copa)

Time for round 2.  We got the 0-1 away win in the first leg, but that doesn’t guarantee us anything.  We need to at least tie to ensure that we go through and don’t accidentally bomb out of a competition we all have high hopes for.

We’ll have Rakitic back, which will be a nice contrast to his absence against Bilbao.  And it sounds like Rusescu has earned himself an opportunity to start.  Undoubtedly, Santander will be playing as much of their first team as they have available to throw at us.

Anyway, this will have to pass for a preview, hopefully some of us will get to watch the match and give comments.  I’ll make a bold prediction and say we win 3-1 with two goals from Rusescu and a third by Rakitic.

Cheers and VAMOS!