Match Comments: Las Palmas v Sevilla

Our two game slide has seen our dreams of La Liga descend into doubts about 4th.

I think our hopes of winning the league were always a bit unrealistic.  Though on the flip side, if you can’t dream, why bother following a team at all?  And our grip on 4th, let alone 3rd really hasn’t been all that solid for a while.

Its always the nature of looking at the table that when you’re winning, you’re looking up and focused on those ahead of you.  And as you start losing, you see those teams coming up from below and start to get paranoid.

Anyway, that’s all just prelude to say that three points against Las Palmas would be huge.  It will not be easy.  They are a very solid team and its going to be a battle, especially away in the Canaries.  Hopefully Javi Varas will take it easy on us 😉

Montoya will be suiting up for us.  Hopefully its enough of a blowout they decide to give him some run!  Here’s the team list: Sergio Rico, David Soria, Mariano, Lenglet, Mercado, Nico Pareja, Carriço, Kranevitter, Iborra, Nzonzi, Sarabia, Nasri, Correa, Franco Vázquez, Montoya, Vitolo, Jovetic, Vietto and Ben Yedder


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  1. Barcelona getting humiliated off PSG! Lol Getting outpowered and outclassed. This could have a lasting mental effect on their league campaign. PSG proving they nothing special like in recent seasons 🙂

    1. crazy. Emery and PSG win 4-0… wow.

      i think its actually probably bad for us in la liga… barca will be fully focused on la liga from now on (assuming they get knocked out).

  2. Barca are most likely not winning la Liga this season but neither are we even though I’d love it to happen. La Liga is real madrids this season. They have the games in hand and won’t mess it up now. If we can stay close to both in table will be amazing and a great chance to go further than Barca in Europe now. This is an exciting season for us! 🙂

  3. I really hope that, if PSG goes through (still not 100% sure, Messi is Messi) and we won’t win it…. PSG wins it! Emery deserves a CL trophy in his CV after all the hard work he’s done with us in the EL. Moreover, I wouldn’t want to see the white bastards of RM lift it for the second time in a row, so yeah…. PSG for me (after us of course).

  4. Also, as for Sociedad not having a chance to overcome us… it’s not only about h2h games, it’s also who is able to win the games vs. medium teams easier. We are having trouble beating the likes of Espanyol, Las Palmas (almost a draw, lucky to score), Granada etc. However, the next 5 matches will be crucial and the determinants whether we’ll stay within the first three spots and pressure RM/Barca, fight for the 4th closely with Atletico/Sociedad or have to be content with the 5th, while fighting hard for the 4th. At this point, the most difficult thing to do is cement the 3rd place… as we have 2 very good teams chasing us.

    Hopefully we don’t crash and keep the tempo up.

  5. After that Barca debacle tonight i’m seriously worried. If they don’t manage to catch r madrid and win the league Luis Enrique will be either kicked out or resign, and we all know what will happen next…………………

    1. They can’t take Sampaoli at any cost… he has a 2 years contract, a project to work on and it would cause havoc within the club… our management might be a bit dull in these occasions, but they are not retarded just yet.

      So don’t worry, if you were assuming Samp would leave.

  6. Except for the Benfica-Dortmund tie that is still open, the others pretty much closed at this point. Unless a miracle (a great miracle) happens, so far: PSG, Bayern and RM are through, with RM of course as always, having the easiest draw of the top teams.

    1. at half both bayern and RM were tied… was hoping one of those two would be upset but doesnt look that way now. we just have to focus on handling our own business agianst leicester and then go from there. that’s the only thing we can control (and by we, i obviously mean the team, not us 🙂 ).

      1. Yeah definitely. CL is a game by game thing, just like EL. Emery for instance is definitely a cup manager, and he’s done very well with us not only in EL, but in the cup also, with 1 final and two unfortunate eliminations, none were because the other team was way better… a matter of luck. Meanwhile, he’s struggling in a rather poor league with only Monaco being a strong team in Ligue 1.

        Sampaoli has experience by winning CA with Chile… however, the football played in the national teams is way different, and two legs are a whole something else.

        If we can rewind a bit, so far the games that Sampaoli wanted to win, namely the ones vs. Dinamo and Lyon first match, he won. The one that he wanted to win vs. Juventus, he lost but with the scandalous refereeing, we were clearly the better side that night, I’d say even with 1 man down, Juve were clueless.

        While in the matches that Sampaoli obviously didn’t want to win, the ones of Juve away and Lyon away… the strategy was such that only a bit of luck was needed (from the chances of the opponent) and we’d get away with a draw, if not sneak out a win somehow but the shots on goal do not say the same.

        Therefore, I’m pretty confident that if we pass this barrier vs. Leicester, which is more psychological if nothing else, as we’re clearly miles ahead of them in every aspect and the absolute favorites, I can say without modesty, that we can reach the semis at least, why not even the final.

        We are very good vs. top opponents, and if we could beat RM in a hot night in Seville… anything can happen really. The only big obstacle that we would have to conquer in that case, beside being in our best nights and doing everything right, is the referee.

        Tonight was a good example of how the referee can contribute on ruining a match, beside the concrete example of our match vs. Juve at home. Bayern were dominating Arsenal and they didn’t even pass their own half, when a poor referee that referees in a shit league for a living (serbian league), decides to help Arsenal by first awarding a non-existing free kick, and then a penalty shortly after… which was hilarious to watch.

        Another thing that Bayern were just too good for Arsenal to handle in any way and continued to thrash them in the second half… but for example, that would hurt us badly. We tend to lose focus after conceding and even though it has to be admitted that Leicester’s players are nothing but an average bunch, they can surely punish opponents, especially the likes of Vardy and Mahrez. If Espanyol with the 33 y/o Reyes can punish, Leicester surely can do it too.

        Therefore, I’m only hoping that we get some respect from the referees, even though we’re not new in the European stage and pretty sure there will be some of the referees that delegated us in the EL, especially the later phases (quarters and up). The rest we can handle with a bit of luck. We have good players, a good coach, and as long as Kranevitter will not be around the pitch, it’s all fine 😛

  7. Easy team? Napoli were playing the best futbol in Europe and was on a long unbeaten streak! I would like to see RM and Sevilla in the final. Atl also deserve some glory.

    1. Ahh come on man… everyone knows RM gets favorable draws every time, but I expect PSG (if they keep it up) and Bayern to be the only ones that can eliminate RM even if they get help from officials (not unusual).

      Just look at the Serie A table and tell me again about Napoli. The third placed team in Italy, a league that is worse than the German league (UEFA official coefficients), says a lot for an opponent like that.

      Until you play PSG, Barca, Bayern, Juve over two legs before the final, the trophy is not deserved at all. You can beat all Napoli’s, Galatasaray’s, Wolfsburg’s you want… but it won’t make you the best club in the world… and don’t even get me started about La Liga, the referees etc.

    2. im not as much of a conspiracy theorist as shendm but broadly, RM do often miss the toughest possible opponents. Napoli was in the middle i think for possible matchups.

      can’t wait for leicester though we, again, need to stay focused on getting all three home v. eibar. should be able to do that.

  8. The list for tomorrow night’s match:

    Sergio Rico, David Soria, Rami, Mariano, Mercado, Carriço, Lenglet, Escudero, Kranevitter, Vitolo, Sarabia, Vietto, Nasri, Correa, Nzonzi, Jovetic, Franco Vázquez and Ben Yedder.

    Therefore, no Pareja (injured), no Iborra (5th yellow suspension), no Montoya and Ganso (technical decision), while Escudero returns but not 100% and might not play, and Rami returns 100%.

    Hoping to see an attacking play and crush Eibar like the bastards they are! We need some high confidence momentum before Leicester.

    1. uh oh… looks to me like kranevitter may get the start…

      or we go 3-3-3-1

      with something like:

      ben yedder
      jovetic – nasri – vitolo
      sarabia – nzonzi – mariano
      escudero – rami – mercado

      or mudo could be in for jovetic and swap sides with vitolo

  9. Sampaoli to Barca rumors culminating this week (naturally)….. and to somehow make things worse, Sampaoli didn’t refuse the linking and said that anything can happen tomorrow. We are in the way of having the saddest summer ever since being Sevillistas, after Puerta’s death maybe. Imagine losing both Monchi and Sampaoli, along with Nasri, Vitolo etc….. end of an era!