Match Comments: Espanyol – Sevilla

There are so many other consequential weeks ahead of this Sevilla team that it seems implausible to find something deterministic in a visit to El Cornellà to play Espanyol, but lordy do we have some things to determine!

First on the list is whether we will qualify for Europe through La Liga. Currently, we will not as we sit in 7th. (Wait, waaaaat?? Ohai, Athletic and Celta! All of the finals we have been qualifying for make it harder to keep the pace in La Liga! Thanks for playing each other this weekend!) The result in La Catedral will be something to warrant attention especially given our final La Liga fixture there.

Second is the rhythm of the team and lineups. Emery (ever the tinkerer!) has some a blank tinker-y canvas lying before him now that MKD is out forever (more on this later). Will we see more Curro Sánchez? He debuted with the first team two weeks ago at Depor. Will Reyes stop being Dumb Reyes? Play better, man. We need you! Will Konoplyanka seize the day? C’mon man, you’re due for a run of great form. Emery is an excellent motivator; I’m sure he’s got his duckies in a row for the coming weeks.

Third is of great consequence: our man MKD. To read that former teammates shed tears over his injury is of no surprise. The man was on the brink of being a key player on a team with the possibility to win a double before them, and he tripped on some invisible rock a few meters from that finish line. By all accounts his professionalism has been unparalleled at Sevilla (and Celta and Ajax and Danish National Team and probably his mother-in-law’s home). So we have lots of love here at the blog for Mr. Michael Krohn-Dehli, you big fat hero! Sevilla looks forward to having you back whole and healthy next spring!

Oh gosh we have a match to play this weekend, right? Ok. So. Juan Muñóz? He’s gotta play, right? Unless we’ve decided we might get some $$ for Llorente, the most waterlogged lion ever, and so playing him could put his name back on some lists. Is that even the kind of game Emery plays? I don’t think so. That’s like some Del Nido level shit right there. I expect to see a lineup like this:

Rico; Coke, Kolo, Fazio, Diego González; Cristóforo, Nzonzi; Curro, Iborra, Kono; Muñóz.

What say you? (besides VAMOOOOOS!!!)

p.s. Can we win a damn away game to stop having to think about this for all time?