Match Comments: Barca v Sevilla

The team is clearly marching to the Camp Nou with their heads down and spirits as low as they’ve been all season.  The last few weeks have been absolutely demorazling for the team.  I know they have been for me as well.  We went from boldly looking forward to the quarterfinals in the Champions League and within touching distance of 1st in La Liga, to an epic crash from the CL and a precipitous plummet in the Liga standings.

And its not as if the team is playing well and just being unlucky.  We’re playing like crap and its obvious.  As if things couldn’t get any worse, Monchi announced his long anticipated departure at end of the season.  To me, this is worse even than not qualifying for the Champions League.  I’m not going to get into it here.  Some people are already beginning to feel annoyed or resentful of his departure.  But not me.  I never will.  He’s given everything to this team and its not clear that they’ve given him everything back in return.  If he wants to go somewhere new, I will wish him the very best of luck and that team, wherever it is, will be my favorite team in that league.

But the truth is that, though it feels like a failure relative to our ambitions a few weeks ago, this season is still going well.  At the beginning of the season, I’d wager that every last one of us would be ecstatic about a season in which we made it out of the CL group stages and had a 7 point lead on 5th in the standings at this point in the season.  We’ve had a good season.  We just need to right the ship.

Now, despite trying to channel my most optimistic views…  I’m not sure how likely it is that we right that ship away, at Barca who are battling hard to catch Real Madrid down the stretch.  In fact, I’m just hoping we don’t get blown out, even if part of me suspects that we will.

But we shouldn’t be ashamed of this team.  We can be frustrated.  But they’ve already brought us an excellent season.  Lets hope we show signs of recovery today and that we’re still in the top 4 (or even top 3) at the end of jornada 38.