Match Comments – Annual Trofeo Antonio Puerta

On this day of tribute to Sevilla legend Antonio Puerta, I asked a friend and fellow Sevillista to provide some words about what Puerta meant to him and Sevilla.

⁠⁠⁠Homeboy, humble, adventurous, family man, there are tons of adjectives that might do a good job when describing such an important figure in Sevilla FC history, Antonio Puerta, but I honestly believe that the most important an accurate one is SEVILLISTA.

It has been ten years since that magical night in which Antonio made history and gave us the “goal that changed our lives”. I still remember it as if was yesterday. It was Thursday. The city was immersed in the “Feria de Abril”, probably the most famous holiday for the Sevillanos along with the holy week. I had spent part of the day at this party with my buddies, doing a more than well deserved pre-game. There were Sevilla fans with scarves and flags everywhere. The stadium was packed. It was just amazing.

We were all having that weird feeling in our stomachs, like “omg, it is actually happening, we are this close to play an European final”. Not such a long time ago we were playing in the second division, having the memories of Davor Suker scoring that free kick against Olimpiakos in Greece and advancing to the third round. This was in 1995 and it was celebrated in half of the city as something huge.
It was the 100th minute on the aggregate and “the diamond left” as his nickname very well calls him, scored that goal. After that you all know, but more importantly, the whole world knows: Sevilla FC established itself as a soccer elite.

Thank you Antonio, eterno 16

Such a short career with ever lasting impact was Antonio Puerta. Today we honor him by playing a friendly against the South American legends Boca Juniors. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and who sees action on the pitch. The game will be streamed live on SFC.TV. Enjoy the game and pass along your memories of AP16 here in this thread if you desire.