Match Comments: Alaves v Sevilla

All of the other teams in the top six have already secured a full three points this week.  So, while we won’t be able to either cut into Barca and RM’s lead or create further separation from Atleti, Sociedad, and Villareal, we’ll head to Alaves needing all three points just to keep pace.

It seems we’ve largely done away with those demons preventing us from winning away from the RSP, but I still don’t expect it to be easy.  Although they are Liga newcomers this season, Alaves sit in a very respectable 11th place.  Furthermore, they’re in the Copa del Rey final, which is a huge accomplishment for this newly promoted side.  With that said, their recent form is a bit mixed.  Two solid wins against Valencia and Deportivo.  But a demolition at the hands of Barca (0-6, but really, who can blame them?) and also a loss to relegation-battlers Granada.  So, its hard to say what exactly we’ll be facing.

For us…  The mood here in the comments swings wildly with our mosts recent performance.  And, while uninspiring, I think most of us are pleased to have taken all three from Bilbao (especially given the players we were missing).  And yet I think most of us agree that our form has dipped slightly from where it was maybe 2-3 weeks ago.  No cause for alarm, but a solid, 90 minute ass whooping of Alaves would certainly be the bright start to the work week that I could undoubtedly use.

Anyway, obviously no truly profound insights here.  We’re missing Nasri (yellow accumulation I believe) but otherwise should be at full stength.


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  1. Two points dropped. You have to bring on attacking subs right after they score. Delayed substitutions continue to be an issue.

  2. Tactical genius my arss. Sampaoli doesn’t even understand Krane and Iborra are liabilities in midfield so both can’t start at same time, Iborra is dangerous going uofront , so he is very useful. But why Krane? We stopped playing football after first half and paud for it.

  3. Lost our way big style in the 2nd half. Awful 2nd half performance and I’m happy with the point. Lost the title chance now. At least it’s a point to help consolidate 3rd a bit! Need to do better especially at Leicester like!

  4. Alavés deserved the point for their second half performance. Alavés are a tough team to beat at home. There are no gimme LaLiga road matches this year.

  5. Sick of this shit…. why do we always count on opponent’s bad night rather than do something on our own?

    Part of blame for the worse performances ever of some players, and part of blame on Sampaoli.

    First, Iborra never misses 2-3 sitters in a match. Vitolo probably the worst match in his career…. non-existent all the time. Kranevitter not bad but too short to defend in the box…. if we tactic is try to score somehow and begin time wasting from the beginning of the second half, then Kranevitter does not need to be there. Mariano…. this guy is in a shockingly bad form for over a month now. N’Zonzi lost the most balls in a long time… maybe a personal record for him.

    Rico saved our asses once again with some crucial saves, and Lenglet there at the end after the countless Alaves crosses in the box.

    Sampaoli…. why the hell rotate every match and not play with the first team? We don’t have RM’s bench to rotate every match and hope for the best. Also the approach to the game… back-passes still disastrous, while we’re always counting on opponents making mistakes, not focusing on our game. We can’t properly create a counter-attack when needed, at one point in the first half we were 6 vs 3 and somehow ended up screwing it.

    The subs….. Correa and Mariano before Jojo… really? The game clearly needed someone who can create something out of nothing, because one will be considered stupid to expect play-making from Iborra. No Mudo? Gotta be kidding….. what are we saving ourselves for, Leganes on Saturday? That’s 5 fucking days….. can’t believe it.

    It must be great to be a Sevilla player nowadays…. you can rest whenever you want and get yellows just for the sake of it, in hope to accumulate them as soon as possible so you can rest again… and rest again and again, only to lose important points by not giving a wooden nickle when it’s really needed.

    Very disappointed…. we could’ve easy won this, but decided to give 2 points away in a silly way. This is not a performance that a league-challenging team should make. WAKE THE FUCK UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

  6. I think y’all trippin. Sampaoli should be applauded for getting outta there with a point. We had to play a full 90 with 10 men! N’Zonzi did what he could to hold down the midfield on his own, and Iborra did his best to support Ben Yedder up front. All his subs were like for like, replacing tired legs who made up for the missing man. It’s unfortunate that we probably ceded the title race to the Big 2, but 3rd place is still secured.

  7. General feeling after that is I’m more worried going forward now! We looked tired out there and made some terrible mistakes. We were lucky to get a point in the end.

    A few players were not at the races tonight! Vitolo, Iborra, nzonzi didn’t have good games.

    We need to up the intensity for the Leicester game. A performance again like that will see us eliminated. I’m normally glass half full but of late we not been playing well but grinding out wins, last night it caught up with us.

    The positives are we never lost, scored a good goal, controlled the game 1st half and kept them down to 1 goal but Rico was to thank for that. Had a great game in goal, we gonna need him and the defence in top form with especially the tough away games to come in Leicester, atletico and Barca.

    We have to beat leganes at home to fend off the chasing pack and to have some momentum going into the biggest game of our season and arguably biggest game of the clubs history.

  8. Leicester fan here. A question for you. We brought nearly 10,000 fans to Seville but only 2200 had tickets. How many fans are travelling to Leicester? Also, how do you feel about the game?. We all loved your city but you can keep the Spanish police, they are violent thugs.

  9. Afternoon Clive.
    Leicester provided only 1,500 tickets to Sevilla for the game which sold out immediately, there was a request for more but this was refused. I can’t see many bothering to travel without tickets. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Sevilla, I’m an ex-pat yorkshireman who has been living here for 10yrs and loving it,

    Sadly as a few of you found out the Spanish national police will only ask politely once when they want you to something, if that request is refused they will take any action necessary to make sure you do it.

    I feel the game is going to hinge on who scores first, both sets of fans are going to be nervous, I know I am.
    Whatever happens re the result I hope we get to see a great match, I have some fond memories of visiting the old Filbert st ground especially May 5th 1990


    Good luck for the rest of the season and I hope you stay up and it’s not too long before the Blades join you.

  10. Thank you Brian. We found that the Spanish police didnt even ask first, they just randomly hit people.Hoping for a great game.

    1. Can’t comment on the Spanish police as I’m not from Seville or live there, though I’m absolutely against unexplained violence and abuse of power, which might’ve very well happened in that occasion.

      As for the sportive matters…. I lost all my respect for Leicester as a club the moment you sacked Ranieri. Sure, who cares about a Sevilla fan losing respect for Leicester? After all, it’s you who love Leicester to the death, however, backstabbing is not supported in the football world in overall, and you’ve lost countless admirers over the world, maybe even more than you achieved after the EPL triumph. Ranieri deserved a chance until the end of the season, no matter what.

      Also, I’m reading a bit of the comments on the foxes forum and some people are quite delusional there to be brutally honest. Sure, we are not at our best lately, but it is all what you expect from a certain team or a certain game. If you really expected us to beat you 4 or 5 to nothing in the first leg, then of course you’re flattered with a 2-1 result, which is still bad for you as you will need to score and keep a clean sheet (not possible in a normal day). Therefore, for you to achieve something, it would take an abnormal day both for Leicester and Sevilla, the chance of which to happen is minimal, let’s be realistic. Leicester will have to be at 100% and make no mistake at all, while Sevilla has to make mistakes, play without enthusiasm and have the foot off the pedal all the time….. too good to be true right?

      So, where I’m getting at is, you need to have realistic expectations as a fan. Sure, that EPL title spoiled you guys a lot, but you can’t climb to the top of the ladder through counters and luck… that’s just not how football is meant to be, and to do that, you need to have the luck of Mourinho and the players of Inter in the 2009-10 season, which you are not even close to having.

      Spanish and English football philosophies differ a lot, but believe me that is is way harder to be at the top through dominating and outplaying the opponents, rather than relying on luck, set pieces and counters for that to happen.

      To sum up, I really hope it will be a good game and the referee will not screw it up for either sides. May only the best team go through, and not the luckiest one!

  11. Shendm, great comments. I never feared Leicester, but as things progress I get a little more concerned. Mainly because 1-0 puts us out. But I’m confident that El Sevilla will score and we’ll go through to the glory.

    The thing with Spanish police is hard to understand for someone who is not Spanish. When the Poice stop you for anything they salute you and call you sir, treat you with respect, until you don’t respect them. And then they hit you with their batons.

    About 10 years ago they took a beating from Tottenham fans and now they are predisposed to dish it out.

  12. Post

    wooooooow. cant believe what i just saw with barca and psg. my heart is broken for emery but…. complete credit to barca who are just clearly the best team in the world. wow. just wow.

  13. Woowww! What a performance from Barca to pull off that miracle. They produced amazing team spirit and scored some insane goals. Watching Barca tonight and Real last night just shows that we up challenging the two greatest teams on the planet and arguable ever. It shows what we up against.

    That’s why to be as doing as well as we are deserves a league title in itself. To be only 4 points off Barca and 3 off Real is like a mini miracle. That’s why now I reflect I’m not too disappointed with the alaves draw. It keeps us unbeaten and we still only lost 1 in the league since early December against Granada. We having an incredible season.

    Barca and Real winning like this promotes la Liga to be the strongest league. Let’s hope we can join them next week in europes elite 8. Atletico almost guaranteed to go through so it’s just our match in the balance now. We can do it though. Vamos!!

  14. I thought both pens were a bit dodgy to be honest. But if any team was going to go through after losing the 1st leg 4-0 it was Barca. I can’t remember ever seeing a more unbelievable game than what I saw tonight.
    Unai Emery will be out of a job soon, he was brought in for one reason only and that was to win the CL and with PSG not as in recent previous years even certs to win the league this season I bet he wishes now that he’d stayed at Sevilla where he was revered. I was gutted when he left but Jorge Sampaoli has proved to be an even better coach so I feel Emery did us a favour in the end.

  15. To be fair to RM and other teams like Juve that get bashed for refereeing favors, Neymar deserved a red and PSG got denied a penalty (handball Mascherano). Moreover, at least one of the penalties shouldn’t have been given, they were very very soft. The last goal from Sergi Roberto is also questionable… it was fast-paced, but initial analysis tells for an offside.

    So yeah, maybe not fully deserved from Barca, but PSG definitely did not deserve to go through after this pathetic performance. Emery probably going to get sacked and Krycho will change team for sure… he’s an obvious sub there and won’t ever find space in the starting 11.

  16. Thanks for your comments regarding the Leicester game. For those of you coming to the match, the stadium is about a 10 minute walk from the City centre. The fans as reputed to be tbe loudest at any English ground and the whole stadium sings for the whole 90 minutes. You should find the locals very friendly and pleased to meet you, expect alot of requests for photos. The English police will not hit you with batons like their Spanish cousins but you will get arrested if you cause trouble. One thing i will say is this. Leicester love to be the underdogs. Underestimate us at your peril. The game is likely to be a real battle on the pitch, Leicester play a pressing game at home. May the best team win. You have a lovely city and most City fans enjoyed visitng.

  17. After yesterday’s historic game in Barcelona,we can come out with some interesting thoughts..firstly i agree with Mark,La liga is the harder leauge this time.Being third and so close to the duo,after 26 games,is very very good.I am disappointed with some comments here about Sampaoli.Everyone who works, makes mistakes,and he works like hell very very much.So,i respect every opinion,but sometimes we need to calm before we write down,and thing about football..generally…Second,i fell vindicated about Emery.I always,especially last year,consider him a big chicken pussy.He gave a lot,but truth is,we-as club- gave him more.He never finished top-4,and this non-winning away record of our team is historical.I won 150 euros yesterday.Thank you Unai.Now take Kricho and go somewhere else,but stay away from Andalusia.

      1. i bet the score 6-1, i gave 2,5 euros and they give me x60=150.I felt that Pari will score,but also Emery will done it so no risk with 2,5 euros.I wish i bet more,next year Unai now

    1. I think Sampaoli’s doing fine but needs to fine-tweak some minor details such as his substitutions and love for some non-performing members of the squad (I’m looking at you Krane). As for Emery, PSG is his first “big team” so it’s sort of understandable but his philosophy never really fit the team. He will probably get one more season in Paris but I really hope Krycho leaves, he hasn’t started for a long time and his starting position in the Polish national team is under threat, I’d take him back in a heartbeat.

  18. Why English always try to talk bs about spanish people? They’ve problem with their league, culture, people. Oh yeah Spanish police are bad cause they don’t let spoilt english fan things they want. It was same in Euro, wc , it’s never your fault.

  19. Nasri and Pareja rested for Leicester, so they’re not included in the list for tomorrow’s match vs. Leganes.

    The full list:

    Sergio Rico, David Soria, Rami, Lenglet, Carriço, Mariano, Escudero, Sarabia, Iborra, Kranevitter, Ganso, Nzonzi, Montoya, Franco Vázquez, Correa, Vietto, Ben Yedder and Jovetic.

    1. I’d go with:


      Mariano – Rami – Lenglet – Escudero

      N’Zonzi – Iborra


      Sarabia – Vitolo




      Rami – Lenglet – Mercado

      Mariano – Escudero

      N’Zonzi – Iborra


      WBY – Jojo (rest Vitolo for Leicester)

  20. In reply to Rico, English people do not talk badly about Spanish people. If you read what i said, i said we had a very nice visit to your city, we were treated well as guests by your citizens but the police were very aggressive towards the fans and they were hitting people who had done nothing wrong except support their team. I witnessed first hand several instances of police hitting fans with batons (including women).Do you expect us to say nothing when that happens? This is not the first time this has happened. When the police do this they bring shame on your society the same as when English fans misbehave. The point is, the fans that were hit were not causing trouble.