Mark’s Take

Mark had a great comment on the last post, so I thought I’d just copy/paste and turn it into it’s own post:

Having had chance to reflect on this achievement, it is too difficult to sum up the whole gravity of what’s involved here.

I first became a Seville back in 2002, when I met my wife (Sevillana) and instantly became hooked on the City, the Culture and the Football Club. My interest really grew strong in the 2005 season under J. Caparros which such players as Sergio Ramos, Baptista and a young Reyes. You sense that something special was happening, but even selling our best players before the 2006 season didnt deter the burning ambition of the club. Enter Monchi, in this period astute signings such as the Los Brasilianos, Kanuote, Drago, Maresca, Palop created the perfectly balanced team for fast attacking play – Home, Away or in the Continent – Against anyone! This culminated in “EL GOL” RIP Antonio Puerta, the goal that changed the history of Sevilla, and a wonderful UEFA victory, against a strong man-for-man Middlesborough team.

The 2007 season looking back was nothing short of pure brilliance, 4 x more titles followed. A total of 5 titles in 18 months, but won in an unforgeable style of play. I mean, how many teams smash Real Madrid 5-3 in the Bernabaou to win a trophy? In the preceding months and years in the heady heights of the Juande years, the club suffered some difficult times, there was the so tragic passing of our home grown hero Antiono Puerta, that looking back affected the club for some time after understandably so. We had the unfortunate luck of many high profile signings not working out, we struggled to find the right manager. Having said that, a Copa Del Rey win in 2010 was a fantastic effort.

Cue the signings of Rakitic and Medel, and the introduction of Emery. For some time Sevilla were reluctant to admit the cycle of 2006/7 was at an end. I believe, once the club realised this we were able to move again. The famous speech from Del Nido, we need hombres not nombres, (hence the Rakitic and Medel signings) was the right strategy. Having the experience of our successful coupled with this new sense of determination was the recipe for success. Emery arrived and replaced Michel and the first task was to steady the ship, there was much discontent and many high profile players due to depart, the next pre-season we saw somewhere like 20 players leave the club and meant the signings of 10/12 new players. I remember clearly watching us beat Man Utd in a pre-season friendly 3-1, we played them off the park. I left the stadium thinking could we do another “Juande era”, win a Europa title? We have our spark back, energy, hungry players and manager. The club was united again.

The past two seasons have been nothing short of sensational in every aspect. The new signings, handling departures, the fans, the professional and even decent football shirts!! Who could ever in their wildest dreams ever dare dream about repeating the 2006/7 era? Especially for a club with the annual budget of Sevilla. (To put into context, the bottom team in the Premier league earns more TV rights). It has been an unbelievable journey, and I think a full circle of achievement. I can have a calm summer now knowing the club has made history in this tournament and we can play Champions League next year.

I hope this pre-season, we have no major departures, although we are Sevilla and this happens every year right? Perhaps, but I hope we can add to the squad and make a real push for further glory next year – its addictive. We have the winning Formula at Sevilla now, no question – we can push for 3rd in the league go strong in Europe again. I really hope Emery stays – the Greatest Manager in the history of Sevilla FC!

A note, for Monchi, who has been the architect of this Golden era at Sevilla, I speak for all those here on this site, we salute you and honour your work at our Great club! Thanks for dropping by this year also, it would be great to do it again some time.

A note, for all on Monchis Men, as I have said on many occasions, the knowledge and passion shown by all contributors is the same level you would get if you were sat in a Pena Supporters Club bar in Nervion. No question in my mind. Its been great to share another year with you and thank the site admin and all who are loyal here.

A note, Player of the year vote? For me: 1. Krychow/Banega? 2. Bacca 3. Vidal
Most improved – Vitolo Best Signing Banega

Un abrazo Grande para todos!!