Mallorca – Sevilla Match Comments

Today Manzano brings his new club to his old stomping grounds, the Mallorcan island where he had a lot of success but not as many paychecks as he’d been promised or  hoped for. You’d think Mallorca would have basically fond memories of Manzano as he really helped to bring them to a higher level, and left on more or less good terms with the public if not with the club (the fans can hardly hate him for wanting to be paid, and leaving when a bankrupt club couldn’t promise that), but for whatever reason Webó had some vaguely aggressive words for Manzano, suggesting that “the environment won’t be ideal for the coaching staff of Sevilla”.


Whatever the case, the game’s a couple hours from starting, and the table’s been set: Bilbao lost to Real Madrid this afternoon, leaving us an opportunity to claim 5th place all to ourselves. Whether we’re dreaming of CL or automatic EL qualification, we have to win these games. Let’s do it.