Mallorca – Sevilla Match Comments

It’s an exciting time to be a Sevilla fan! On a smaller scale, it’s an exciting time to be a part of MonchisMen!

On the latter, the blog has been booming lately mostly due to several new faces that have been popping up (looking your way, shendm, mark, tirasus, niller, ricky, skallum…who else? holla at me!). It’s so fun to see new conversations every couple of hours! If you read the About Page you’ll see that our goal all along was to make a forum where Sevilla fans could convene in English, share our stories, get all tactical, and generally build a community of far-flung fandom of our particular team. That community thing feels great! But also, our previous hits record for a single day, which stood since the CdR final of 2011, has been broken three times in the last three weeks! We’re glad to share this place with all of you and hope, if you feel so inclined, that you would feel free to contribute a column of your own in the future. “Somos de todos” might as well be the slogan of our blog as well as our team!

As far as the former, Sevilla are trending up. Look at this!

segunda vuelta

That’s Sevilla tied for fourth! Whoa. “Did I miss several weeks of matches?” you may be asking yourself. “No!” I tell you! It’s the second half of the season table brought to us by our friend MoR.

Sevilla is trending up, you guys! We’ve risen from 14th to 10th place in the nine weeks since the winter break, and with 11 weeks still remaining look poised to jump into the top spots if trends continue this Saturday. Let’s be clear though: because of Málaga’s ban from Europe next season, Europe has actually dropped closer to us almost as much as we’ve risen to it. The two are madly in love and desperate to find each other again, I guess.

What trends need to continue? Well…

1. Winning points! (duhvcourse)

2. Negredo burying the sitters

3. Moreno playing left back

4. Navas’s streaker impression on the right

5. Eh-mer-y (, gee I think you’re swell! And you really do me well! You’re my pride and joy, etcetraaaaaahhhhhhhh)

So, we fly to Mallorca this weekend. Unlike the our richer friends who get to buzz all over the country with all female flight crews, Sevilla tends to travel by AVE or bus to most away matches. The team we field will be full of intrigue. We’ve seen a few recent shuffles of the deck by Eh-mer-y(!) that include but are not limited to: Manu over Reyes, Moreno over Navarro, and Coke over Cicinho. We’ve also seen Navarro take a somewhat casual shot as a CB, but we would all be shocked to see that again, methinks. Will it be Cala and Botía now that Fazio is hurt? Will it be Coke and Botía with Cicinho getting behind the streaker again? Will we see Reyes again this season?

My dreams:

1. Negredo scores another hat trick and takes off his shirt to reveal a new SFC tattoo around his bellybutton. All allegiance doubts are flicked away like lint from his naval.

2. Giovanni Dos Santos trips on four straight breakaway chances and we feel totally ok about never getting him.

3. Navas rips off all his clothes after scoring a game winner in the final minute.

and a one, a two, a one-two-three-four—-!