Mallorca – Sevilla Match Comments

We travel to Mallorca today with as many players noteworthy for their absence as for their presence. Negredo couldn’t get the medical team’s OK, Kanouté is struggling back to playing shape after playing when unfit last weekend, and Cáceres is a question mark for the match after he went down this week in practice.

Not surprisingly, the press conferences of both Del Nido and Marcelino continue to confront the obvious: we now have zero pure strikers on our team. Marcelino isn’t worried about it. Del Nido reacted to it this week by shouting, probably involuntarily and mostly forgetting the question but remembering what it feels like to be hounded about a single topic of discussion, “We’ll never ever sign Giovanni Dos Santos!!” The press room fell silent. “…bbut that wasn’t the question, Señor Del Nido. Do you like having a pure striker on the roster or not?” I’m assuming this fearless reporter is now strung up outside the stadium now. Stop asking Del Nido about these things, guys. He’s at his best when ranting about TV revenue.

Anyway, Sevilla’s starting lineup is this:


Caceres (so he’s ok), Spahic, Escudé, Navarro

Medel, Rakitic

J.Navas, Trochowski, Armenteros

Manu del Moral

We haven’t lost away to Mallorca in the last ten matches — not that we will come out of this match pleased with another tie. Things to hope for: a more determined defense (4 goals allowed after the 60th minute in the last two matches may mean Marcelino makes defensive subs if we’re up), ‘stiker’ Manu’s form continues (4 goals in 4 matches), Rakitic to begin to look like the player he was last year (aggressive but smart passing, particularly), and finally Hiroshi (he’s 20 and may get his first minutes in Primera today playing striker).