Mallorca – Sevilla Copa Match Comments

Sitting at 11th in the table, mired in mediocrity, beset by crippling inconsistency (and just by being crippled), it already appears the Copa del Rey will be Sevilla’s best shot at silverware or anything resembling success this year. Considering only the team’s best form this season, they’ve definitely got what it takes to win the tournament–and while success in La Liga demands consistency more than anything else, an elimination tournament suits Sevilla’s Jekyll and Hyde identity particularly well.

And so, having dispatched Espanyol 6-1 on aggregate in the previous round (and then barely eking out a 2-2 draw in La Liga last week), our heroes travel to Mallorca for their round of 16 clash. Mallorca haven’t looked especially impressive this year themselves, although they looked strong enough going up 2-0 in 30 minutes against the rojiblanco earlier sits season (ultimately Sevilla prevailed on a Negredo double).

So the result today will likely mostly be decided by which Sevilla shows up to play. Hopefully the team will be motivated by the knowledge that a poor performance could mean the end of the competition. Tune in to see how we do, and stop by to share your thoughts!