Malaga vs Sevilla FC – Match Comments

Ugg another non-weekend game.

In case you missed the action from the weekend, Atletico dominated Las Palmas; like omg, Atletico scored 5 goals dominated. Standing in Sevilla’s way is an Andalucian rival, Malaga. The derbi today will prove vital in Sevilla’s quest for third place and the automatic placement into next season’s Champions league group stages.

Our ex-manager, Michel, is leading the Anchovies these days and has the team in pretty good form over the last few games winning 4 out of their last 5 including a stunner over Barcelona at home. Mariano is out injured so we will probably see Mercado back in the lineup along with Rami who is fully recovered. All eyes will be on Ganso as to see if he will get his third straight start or will Nasri climb back into the starters roll.

Lineups will be out soon. Until then, VAMOS!!!!!!!!!

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    Mercado – Pareja – Lenglet – Excudero
    N’Zonzi – Kranevitter
    Sarabia – Vazquez – Correa
    Ben Yedder

    Interesting choice with Vaquez over in form Ganso and Nasri

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    3 yellows in the first 28 minutes. One for Vazquez “diving.” There was contact, but after the defender got the ball. Shouldn’t have been a yellow though.

    Vazquez scores on the counter from a great pass by WYB. 0-1 30′

  3. Not that I ever fully understood Sampaoli’s weird lineup decision, but this is just unacceptable anymore, and thankfully there are only 3 more matches left till the end. Ganso in a great form lately, doesn’t make the first time this time, Kranevitter does. Moreover, Nasri wasn’t even called up, yet again, a genius “technical decision” from the angry little bald man.

    Now, Kranevitter definitely didn’t do anything wrong as of late, however, not sure how others want to see it, but Sevilla is and should not aspire to be a team where the players don’t add any value. Consequently, Kranevitter adds no value whatsoever to the team, as he is one of the weakest, if not the weakest player in the team, in all aspects regarding football. I’m 100% sure that we have better midfielders in Sevilla Atletico, that because of the dynamics in Segunda, couldn’t showcase their talent in the first team.

    It was a one man show tonight, the name to remember is Sandro. Interestingly, we have been linked with him a couple of weeks ago, and I think that he would be a great addition to our team and would link perfectly with Correa.

    Speaking of Correa, he was the MOTM for us tonight, alongside Mudo. Correa has immensely stepped up his game lately. Some of the noticeable things are: he is taking more and more responsibility across the field with the ball, he is becoming more and more comfortable on getting past defenders, he has become even a faster dribbler, he has improved his vision and is passing more, he is making some killer passes in the box (which unfortunately haven’t been answered with goals tonight), and he is fighting more and more for the ball (even coming back to the defense and tracking players). I sense that with a serious coach, he can become a top player in the coming seasons and Sevilla will benefit a lot from him.

    We have to be happy that Villarreal will play Barca next week and it will most likely be an inevitable loss for them, so as things are currently standing, we are still in a good path for the 4th. The dream for the 3rd obviously ended tonight. However, Bilbao and Sociedad are also chasing us, so we have to be careful. I’m counting on a safe win over Osasuna in the last fixture, but we can finish business beforehand with a win vs. Sociedad on Friday. To be honest, even a point would be good there. RM will most likely be a loss. Things are still tight, but the 4th is almost sealed, so I’m not worried at this point, more like frustrated that when it comes to getting the job done, we screw it up.

    Oh and also, we were never able to properly defend set pieces this season, which was pathetic. The defense in overall will have to be drastically improved next season.

  4. Correa is looking more and more like Vitolo with his direct running at defenders, but he actually has an eye for goal.

  5. I think Sandro was definitely putting himself in the shop window tonight. At 6m euros he could be a very good buy for us next season.
    Got to agree with you ShendM re Correa I’ve been impresed with him from the start,he’s turning into a top player, I just wish he’d have put that chance away when he was one on one with the keeper.

    The main priority for next season has got to be sorting out the defence. We need to replace Pareja who is becoming a liability against anyone with any pace and Carriço who is too injury prone. I would keep Lenglet, Mariano and Escudero, can’t make up my mind re Rami he’s sometimes very good but other times he frightens me to death.

    The most frustrating aspect of this season for me has been the constant tinkering with the team. it would seem that however good you play nobody is guaranteed their place for the next game. Have we started with the same 11 for 2 consecutive games this season? I don’t think so.

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    I missed most of the second half. I am with Shendm, I can’t wait for the Sampaoli era (or error if you wish) to be over. I’m actually not too upset with fourth, if we can hang on. With a new coach coming in, a new lineup for sure with N’Zonzi, Nasri, and I’m sure 3 or 4 more leaving, and a new sporting director, the early playoff rounds of the Champions League will provide much needed game play. If we bail out, we can go to our tournament and try to start another streak.

    1. With Man Utd’s recent injuries and the pathetic other teams left in the semis, we could’ve won this season’s EL pretty easily with the last season’s squad under Emery. Or…. with the current squad under Emery, most likely.

  7. Its been a hap hazard year, very difficult to analyze. But quite chaotic. Im not sure the players enjoy playing under this. When you play well and earn your place in the time you are then dropped for no reason? We clearly are not an organised unit. Its a one-dimensional style of football. I think this season with the squad Monchi assembled could (and should) of been our best ever on the back of the EL successes. We just seemed to run out of ideas half way through the season and havent really got things fully back on track. I agree Shendm, pity we werent in the Europa, we would of walked it..

  8. I got mixed feelings about this result. First off, it’s a derby, so a loss was never out of the question. There was so much drama that I’d prolly enjoy that match as a neutral. But we had control of the game and let it slip. Barring an exceptional 1st half display against them last time around, Málaga’s always been a tricky team for us.

    Our defending didn’t help our case though. Like Shend mentioned, set pieces have been our downfall this season. That’s frustrating as hell. It evens out the playing field against teams we dominate by giving away cheap goals.

    I could probably use the excuse of the Nasri absence to justify the loss, but the quiet man returned with a brace today, and we still couldn’t manage a victory?! Once we adjusted to them, we were better in the 2nd half and created better chances. I wish we were more clinical in front of goal — at the same time, Ben Yedder definitely got fouled in the box when he was put thru, which possibly could’ve changed the game. Lovely play by Tucu there.

    Speaking of which, if there’s anything I’m enjoying out of this final stretch of games, it’s observing the progress of Correa. He’s improving with each game — getting better at using his speed & running at defenders, and linking up well around the pitch. I’m just waiting on the day he becomes a serious goal threat, whether it comes in the form of goals or assists, cause his talent is immense. Just hit the target when 1v1 next time please! Lol, but i hope we see a noticeable change in his game over the summer.

    Sidebar: did anyone see Kranevitter get mad when he got subbed off? Sure, he didn’t have a bad game, but he doesn’t contribute much. He ain’t Roque Mesa out here controlling shit, and letting his teammates breathe. Send him & unlucky Luciano back to Atlético asap.

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  9. I’ve seen goalkeepers make 8 saves in 1 game, this goalkeeper probably hasnt made 8 saves all season, certainly not since the new year. Everything goes in, the amount of goals going through his legs has inreased exponentially recently, appears to now have a lack of confidence which is mortal for goalies. Incidentally, the last penalty saved was by Beto in 2013.

    This goalkeeper came in with the ability to catch powerful shots cleanly without tipping aside, that ability has disappered game by game over the last two seasons. BIg problem.

    1. Agreed. Rico is becoming a huge liability lately. Cannot fully trust him anymore and always fearing when the opponent players shoot, especially inside the box as it is 99% a goal more often than not.

      What would you suggest as a replacement goalie?

      In the meantime, I really hope Rico steps it up in the next season, or else he won’t be even called up for Spain NT anymore.

  10. The problem was to retain his market value they took the chance that he would pull through, it’s gone too far now, too late to save his price tag and therefore not wise to sell this year. Better to give David Soraya or Caro a chance, we’ve also got the African Nations best goalkeeper languishing as fifth choice goalkeeper with Sevilla C. There’s still time for Sergio to re-establish himself but right now he needs a break, some introspection and reanalysis of what’s going wrong.

  11. Welcome back to the squad Michael Krohn-Dehli! On the team list for tomorrow