Malaga – Sevilla Match Highlights

I don’t really have much to add beyond the in-match commentary, so here’s video highlights if you haven’t already seen them. As I said in the match, we (heh, maybe not Jiménez, but you know what I mean) set out with an objective in mind that was probably south of victory, and even though Málaga walked all over us in the first half, I think we would’ve been happy to give them 98% possession and 300 shots on goal if it meant we’d be 0-0 at half. That we walked away 3-0 winners is either good luck or a perhaps a sign of better times to come. Or, you know, perhaps a mix of both–I love that clean sheet, but as these highlights will show, it wasn’t a stellar defensive effort that earned it. But after a few months of being neither lucky nor good, or at times just being pretty good and very unlucky, even fortune favoring us feels like an incredibly promising change. So we’ll hopefully build from here, and hopefully bring this momentum with us as we travel to the Basque country this weekend.