Malaga – Sevilla Match Comments

It’s been far too long (a month?) since our last backs to the wall do-or-die match, and one gets the feeling we’re either going to die, or get used to lots of do-or-die matches over the coming months. I’ll save my thoughts on an impending manager crisis for maybe after this game, but for now we’ve got a really tough away match that comes at an inopportune time for the club.

This summer, Abdullah ben Nasser Al Thani bought Malaga (thank you Wiki and thank you copy/paste) and pumped some fresh cash into the team, opting for several smaller-profile match-strengthening purchases instead of big-name grabs. The result looks to be a uniformly improved team who will probably give lots of giants a tough out, and who look to threaten for European places themselves. Also, they’re our sworn and hated Andalucían rivals, and they always give us a tough game, no matter what their quality or current form.

Further, we’ve got a few injuries to account for, with Fabiano, Navas, and Konko (that’s one “meh” and two “doh”‘s if you’re counting) out today. Marca thinks Jose Carlos will start on the right in place of Navas with Negredo up top in Theo’s 4-2-3-1. That’s not confirmed, of course, but it seems like a reasonable guess. Although I’ll say that like Mike I’d like to see Capel or Perotti on the right as inverted wingers, especially if we’re playing them higher up the pitch and focusing less on crosses (please, less crosses!!!).

Anyway, here’s Sevilla TV’s preview of the match:

Vamos mi Sevilla. PLEEEEEEEASE, vamos!!!