Malaga – Sevilla Match Comments

Last week Sevilla had been on an incredible run of results, so of course like a dummy I wrote a post cursing the team by stating how well the team had been playing. And then the team promptly lost a thrilling and ultimately frustrating loss to Levante. Obviously I accept all blame for the loss, but I have to say (as we did on Twitter shortly after the game) that although the loss was in some sense all the more frustrating for the simple fact that the team deserved to win, at the same time this was a much more encouraging loss than some we saw at the beginning of the season, when Sevilla seemed to lack a coherent idea in basically any phase of the game. So of course there’s no points for moral victories and all of that, but at the same time even the loss served, for me anyway, to show how far this team has come this year.

This week our heroes take the short trip to rivals and Andalucían neighbors Malaga, who haven’t particularly impressed this year or really at all since making a sudden appearance in Europe a few seasons back. The game is perhaps not a “must win” as there’s plenty of season left and basically no one in La Liga has shown themselves to be the paragon of consistency, but with a 5 point gap between Sevilla in 7th and Real Sociedad in 6th (and an alarming 11 points to Bilbao in 4th), it’s not hard to see the team’s options for anything better than 7th rapidly disappearing if too many of the coming weeks see less than max points.

So let’s hope Sevilla brought their recently rediscovered away form on the bus, and let’s all meet here to cheer them to the beginning of their next winless streak! VAMOOOOO