Malaga – Sevilla Match Comments

Sevilla has two away games left this season: Sunday’s trip to Málaga, and a visit to Pamplona in two weeks to take on Osasuna. It’s strange to say, given Málaga’s generally strong performances this year, but the match with our Andalucían rivals may be our best chance to double our away wins for the year. Málaga had to play Real Madrid at mid-week to free up time for the Copa del Rey, so Sevilla faces a side that lost 2–6 at home while playing 70 minutes with 1 man ejected, and 20 with 2. So Málaga will be without two players (Sergio Sánchez (haha) and Martín Demichelis), and they just played a mid-week game, and they just lost by a wide margin. Is there anything else you need, Emery? Would you like this all delivered on a silver platter?

Meanwhile, on the table, Sevilla are in 9th place, one point from that final presumed ticket to Europe. An away win would give even the biggest doubters among us a pretty credible hope that Sevilla could actually play in Europe next year. A loss would make it hard for even the truest of believers to keep holding out hope. With four matches to go, it’s time for Sevilla to decide how they’ll write the ending of this story.