Lyon – Sevilla Match Comments

So, it comes to this. After seemingly wrapping up advancement in the Champions League a couple match days ago, Sevilla heads to Lyon today with everything on the line. It’s technically possible the team could win the group, but beyond the improbability of Dinamo managing to grab a point at Juventus, the task is simple: win or draw and go through, or lose and go home.

Nasri is back and expected to start, so that’s obviously a big help. I assume given the opportunity to play for an away draw that Sampaoli will play one defender, four attacking midfielders, and three forwards, but I’ll admit I’m not the best at guessing starting XI’s so maybe just wait a few hours to see how that turns out. Or make your guess below in the comments. I’ll be sneaking peeks at the game in between working today, but hopefully you all have managed to clear a couple hours this afternoon to watch. Vamos!

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  1. Vitolo went down. Took a cleat on the back of his calf… sure that hurt but shouldn’t be a serious injury.

  2. 60′ two thirds done.

    Keep it up guys. Nzonzi could’ve been more decisive in that attack. Daaamn. That was a nice place and mariano almost on the end of that. Nice play by valbuena

  3. Lyon fans continuing to be classy by throwing trash, the physical representation of themselves, onto the pitch.

  4. Ben yedder preparing to come on. Not sure who for just yet. Id guess sarabia or nasri. Probably the latter.

  5. 75′ nothing exciting.

    I wonder if real madrid might try and let dortmund tie so they can go in 2nd….

  6. Don’t care for Madrid so long as we progress # Vamos Sevilla. As for second round opponent? Please give me Arsenal or Leicester.

  7. Mercado seeming to be hurt. Seemed like time wasting but getting seen on the sideline. Ben yedder wins a corner.

  8. 81′

    Just focus and play safe. Lots of little nicks and ankle twists. Don’t want any injuries either.

  9. Kranevitter for nasri in the 87th… we’re screwed.

    Jk. Needed the new legs. Would’ve preferred kiyotake though.

  10. Enough with sevilla and Europa league memes, some guys twitted that Sevilla might contemplate an own goal so they can again compete for Europa league lol.

  11. Business handled!

    Got the 0-0 result we clearly were aiming for. Nice work guys! A couple nervy moments in the first half, but we’re through to the 16s!!!

  12. Good job. Sarabia off and a peaceful mind prevails. Not a good performance by any means, but the defense was not bad in overall… and Lyon were just…. incapable of doing more than they’ve done tonight, which was a poor performance by them also.

    We can’t ever have good news from RM… they definitely drew intentionally, as this season the second placed teams are generally stronger than the first placed ones (with exceptions of course), at least on paper.

    Now we can draw Dortmund too… which would be quite bad. From all of the possible candidates, I fear Dortmund and Napoli…. while would want to have Arsenal or Leicester, and Monaco would be just great.

  13. Shout out to Ben-Yedder who I thought was spectacular in the final 20 minutes or so when he came on. Did everything he needed to do to hold up the ball and waste time by winning throw ins and corners.

    1. I absolutely agree. He’s a small player but he did what he was supposed to do and kept the ball which proved to be of extreme value!
      Please give him more minutes!

    2. Definitely. Ben Yedder is a very important player yet he doesn’t see much playing time which is a pity. Sampaoli should give him a start vs. Celta Vigo and work on the counters…. tonight we showed the world that our counter-attacking abilities are non-existent, but our time-wasting abilities are on point. This won’t work with the likes of Arsenal, Napoli, Dortmund etc. though… so we need to be quite careful in the next round and quit the gutless performances, as we might get punished easily.

      Fingers crossed for 2 good January reinforcements.

  14. Any preference for the next round guys? Can we have a pre-draw preference/comment thread?

    The draw is on Monday.

    1. Definitely Leicester. They have been absolutely terrible and it gives us the satisfaction of knocking out the Premier League champions.

  15. Well fought, guys! And congratulations to all sevillistas!
    Was that one of the season goals completed – advancing from the group stages? What happens from now on in champions league really comes down to the next draw (friday?) My fingers are crossed for Leicester, but well… Arsenal and Dortmund are the ones to avoid.