Lyon – Sevilla Match Comments

So, it comes to this. After seemingly wrapping up advancement in the Champions League a couple match days ago, Sevilla heads to Lyon today with everything on the line. It’s technically possible the team could win the group, but beyond the improbability of Dinamo managing to grab a point at Juventus, the task is simple: win or draw and go through, or lose and go home.

Nasri is back and expected to start, so that’s obviously a big help. I assume given the opportunity to play for an away draw that Sampaoli will play one defender, four attacking midfielders, and three forwards, but I’ll admit I’m not the best at guessing starting XI’s so maybe just wait a few hours to see how that turns out. Or make your guess below in the comments. I’ll be sneaking peeks at the game in between working today, but hopefully you all have managed to clear a couple hours this afternoon to watch. Vamos!