Loud Rumor: Giovani Dos Santos

So, the rumor mill has been ramping up around Dos Santos.  There had been some murmurs earlier, but now some English papers are saying it is nearly a done deal.  I don’t really buy that, but the facts are that Tottenham was asking for 8 million euros.  Sevilla have offered 4.5 but with incentives that could add up to 7 million.

And so we’re definitely close.

The big question then is…  Is this really even who (what) we want?  Our glaring need from last season was a center back.  Should we be spending all this money on a forward?  Shouldn’t we instead spend it on a quality CB like Garay?  What does this say about Manu de Moral?  Isn’t he good enough already to be our third striker along with Rodri?

Personally, I’m very torn.  Dos Santos is REALLY good, and is still VERY young.  It could prove to be a huge heist to get him at a “mere” 8 million euros.  But its not our primary need….  I think for a player of his calibre and age, we should go for it.  We are a team that needs to play the market, and in some ways, more than maximizing the needs of the team, buying Dos Santos is an investment that I think makes a lot of sense.  If things with Dos Santos fall through, then I’d hope they change course, and put that money into a top notch CB.

What do you all think?