Logroñes – Sevilla Copa del Rey Match Comments

On the one hand. Sevilla has enough problems these days without adding the Copa del Rey to the mix. (Just for example: with the two CdR matches in the next two weeks, Sevilla plays eight matches from 11/29 to 12/30. That’s plenty of matches!) There’s a strong case to be made that, given Sevilla’s position in the middle of the table, this would be a good year to sort of “miss out” on the King’s Cup. It’s an unneeded and potentially dangerous distraction.

On the other hand, though, the weekend victory over Valencia means that we have an opportunity to develop some momentum against a relatively lightweight opponent: in the short-term, at the very least, the benefits of playing to win this game far outweigh the cost of yet one more game in a crowded calendar. Plus, this team’s pattern of performances this year (really convincing displays against top competition, sort of shitty against everyone else) looks a hell of a lot more like a recipe for cup competitions than league glory. And that’s to say nothing of the cost of losing this game–can you imagine the hit to confidence not winning would be to this team? This season keeps showing me new ways to understand the meaning of the word “disaster”, and that would probably be a new low even for the 2015 Sevilla fan.

So I say this game is a blessing, and I say we play for a decisive win, and I think we rotate only minimally to rest key players and not to try out young players or cool new formations. And I think we do this because of the value a win would have for the team. It’s true that three days after this game is a pretty big Liga tie with 5th place Depor (ugh what the hell is this season that I am typing those words IN DECEMBER); I’m sure that’ll be on Emery’s mind. But this team needs confidence more than it needs fresh legs. So let’s vamos, full speed, and let’s make this be the time we really do turn our season around.

Vamos! To the Copa!