Liberec 1 – Sevilla 1… I’ll take it.

Only saw jerky snippets of the second half, but I can’t be too disappointed with this result.  Ending 1-1 against the team that was in second place, along with a similar 1-1 result between Estoril and Freiburg leaves the Group H table like this:

Sevilla – 7

Liberec – 5

Freiburg – 2

Estoril – 1

So, we’re getting close to clinching passage out of the group stage and control our own destiny in terms of winning the group, which could be critical for our next matchup.

Gameiro fed Vitolo on a critical goal in the 80-somethingth minute.  And that was huge.  I’m not sure we necessarily deserved the win today.  Our possession, from what I saw, was abominable.  Our crosses into the box never looked dangerous.  We had a few respectable counters (notably the one which lead to the Liberec GK’s red card).  But overall, it was not very inspiring stuff.

Obviously, we’re quite dependent on Rakitic.  But it seemed like our lineup v. Valladolid worked well for 80 minutes.  For those watching, what did you think of the formation?  Was something amiss?

Would love to read the more informed thoughts from those of you who really got to watch the game.

Sorry for not getting the game thread up and running, I forgot I’m on west coast time.  And second, was anyone else having trouble with their comment posts?  At the end, I wasn’t seeing anything I posted, or anything new from anyone else.  A weird site glitch.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.