Levante – Sevilla Match Thread

Welcome back from far and wide (France)!

The international break gave us at MM the chance to serve up a truly rich analysis of Sevilla’s evolving formation and movement since the 2012-13 season began under Michel. Thanks, Tirasus! I’ll leave it to you tactical brains to figure out our formation for this week.

This weekend we hop on the AVE to Valencia to meet our friends at Levante for a match. I still have a soft spot for this club, whose last season so thrillingly ended in a 6th place finish after being promoted. They’ve finally fallen out of Europe, though, having been eliminated by Rubin Kazan earlier this March. Their spirits are in need of refreshment that a limp 1-1 draw with Granada the following week didn’t offer them. Having rested over the break, I’d expect them to come out with the kind of gusto that’s seen them rise all the way to….11th place. One place behind us?

Wait, what? They’re having a worse season than us? We’re fighting for Europe with them? KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!

Go, Navas! KILL!!! You did well for La Roja over the break, now put balls on Negredo’s face!!

Go, Rakitic! KILL!!! You didn’t play poorly against Wales, don’t you start with us now! Thread passes! Find spaces!

Go, Coke! KILL!!! You’re on fire, dood! Take chances–it’s been working!

Go, Reyes! Uh…someone else…

OOhhh! OOooH! Go, Alberto Moreno! You young child of fire-sprite speed! Overlap! OVERLAAPPPP!!

Go, Negredo! KILLLLL!!! (see above! hint: your face!!)