Levante – Sevilla Match Comments

On the one hand, I suppose you could say that it’s annoying that of all the teams, Sevilla has the least amount of time to recover from the international break. The likelihood Banega’s able to play after a solid outing with Argentina just a few days ago is a bit less than if Sevilla had an extra day or two before resuming Liga play. It’s also a bit annoying that they’re playing on what will be (here in the US, anyway) Friday afternoon, when it’s basically impossible for me to watch.


But on the other hand! There’s a game coming up midweek, part of an obscure competition you maybe have heard of, that Sevilla will have an extra day to prepare for. That particular game has a lot riding on it, so it’s nice to have some time before that game. But we’ll get to that later. For now we have a little something else cooking.


Because it won’t matter how many days Sevilla has to prepare for any of their games all year long if they keep up their current goalscoring rate. Or…goal-missing rate? It’s not a goalscoring drought, it’s a goallessness FEAST! It’s…it’s the most frustrating start to a season ever, relative to my own personal high hopes. It’s absolutely true that we sold our best goalscorer and a screaming ball of speed and danger on the wing. And it makes sense that any number of high potential players coming in don’t just automatically play as a perfect unit. I get it. But where are all the goals, dammit?? Hopefully they’re in Levante’s stadium. And hopefully we find a lot of them.


Let’s go get some goals! VAMOOOOOOOS!