Levante – Sevilla Match Comments: La Otra Liga en Juega

A couple weeks ago Koné let slip a few poorly worded sentences about his old team, Sevilla (his current owners as he’s on loan to Levante), referring to a piece of his loan deal that stipulates that if he scores 18 goals this league, Sevilla can negotiate his return to Sevilla and extend his contract. “I want to score only 17 goals in order to stay with Levante. I wouldn’t leave Levante in Champions in order to play for Sevilla in Europa”.

Now, he’s since said that the above comments were poorly interpreted, he didn’t mean that, and he loves Sevilla, a team that has treated him fairly, etc etc etc. Nice recovery, but of course the situation remains that today a Sevilla team on the rise (…ish) faces a Levante team decidedly in decline, losing 4 of their last 5 and falling from first to 4th in the past month. Today, a Sevilla win will see Levante fall from CL places to the Europa, and Sevilla taking the reverse journey into 4th. In general I like Koné and have been happy for his successes this year at Levante (5 goals, second highest on the team), but yeah, I’d enjoy seeing Koné having to live with the above quote looking up at Sevilla after losing to them.

While Levante was never going to keep up their amazing start to the season, their early success wasn’t a fluke, either, and Sevilla has a very tough task at hand in taking on La Liga’s biggest surprise of the year in their house. We’ll need all hands on deck, which we’ll almost have; only Perotti is injured, and the rest of the preferred XI should be ready to go.

I like Sevilla’s chances today, but I think a low-scoring one-goal win or draw is most likely. I’ll say 1-1 as my prediction. What do you think?

Oh, and bonus clásico prediction: the filthy rich team that absurdly overspends every year will win. You can take that to the bank.