Levante Match Comments

Believe it or not, despite the month we’ve already had, the regular season begins today for La Liga. We kick off against Levante at 4:00 EDT in a game that we should win and need to win decisively in order to dispel certain creeping doubts after we won 1 of the 4 important games we’ve played this month, and to many of us here at Monchi’s looked short of ideas and creativity on the ball.

Levante are of course newly promoted (and promoted without a match-fixing scandal, I might add), and as such are a somewhat unknown entity. But only somewhat, I hasten to add, as I happen to have taken them through several seasons in FIFA 10 manager mode on my iPhone (I really liked their crest, complete with Valencia-region-appropriate bat on top). So we should keep our eye out for Ballesteros in the back (beast, and so deadly with headers on corners!), Pallardó in midfield (decent long-range shot, often brought in the killer final pass), and de Souza up top (the striker who scored most of the goals). Now, I have no idea if any of those people are even still with the team, but that’s as far as my scouting goes, other than to add that they won La Liga the year after being promoted with me as their manager. Hopefully whoever their coach is in real life isn’t the same tactical and motivational genius I was.

Regardless of the opponent, though, these are the games we have to win this year. The importance of finishing third (and not fourth) doesn’t need any emphasizing after our nightmare last week, and we simply won’t get there (or probably 4th, either) if we don’t consistently perform in these games.