Last Year’s Predictions Results. Drum roll please…

Alright guys.  Long overdue but it’s time to look back at our predictions from the beginning of last year.  Here’s the original post and our predictions in the comments here.

As a refresher, we had ten questions:

  1. Sevilla’s position in final standings and point total
  2. Sevilla’s Champions league performance (survive group stage?  make it to semis?)
  3. Breakout player (already on team)
  4. Best new signing
  5. Next Sevilla player to be transferred out (and transfer fee)
  6. CL winner
  7. Copa del Rey Winner
  8. La Liga top 4
  9. La Liga bottom 3
  10. Sevilla top three scorers in La Liga and goal totals

Overall, its clear we were wildly overoptimistic in a lot of ways about last season. Only one person thought we wouldn’t make it past the first elimination round in the CL (everyone thought we’d survive group stage).  No one thought we’d finish below 4th.  70% of us thought Kono would be our best new player. 54% thought we’d with the Copa del Rey.  Of course, in some ways we vindicated ourselves with the Europa win, though none of us would’ve imagined we were going to be in that tournament!

In scoring the answers I tried to see who was closest and give a point to the top one or two people.  In the end…  Niller and I each had four points but I think, looking at his answers, you’ve gotta give the prize to Niller who I think beat me out on most of the questions that he didn’t get points for.  Congratulations Niller you are a Monchi’s Men hero and will likely now be recruited by the club to have you do scouting and advanced analytics for the team!

Alright, enough procrastination for one day.  A new prediction thread for this next season will be coming soon.  Cheers gents thanks for playing!