Las Palmas v. Sevilla: Fearing VARAS

It’s been a challenge motivating to write this preview.  Only with help from El Arrebato blaring in my headphones am I able to muster the motivation to write a lackluster preview for a team that has personified lackluster.

What the hell is going on?

Look.  There are obvious responses to this: Insane numbers of injuries, including both those which were openly disclosed and those we only discovered post-mortem.  This is layered on top of a high amount of team turnover (but was it really that high?  we only lost three meaningful contributors).  And who the hell knows what else.

I only managed to watch the first half of the Celta game.  And apparently we had some redemptive effort in the second half.  But the first half was possibly the worst half of Sevilla football I have ever witnessed.  We are colistas at this moment.  And that’s never going to feel good.

The good news is that we are just five games in and seasons are long.  This team certainly has the ability to go on an extended winning streak that launches up into the Europa positions or beyond.  I’m not writing off any of our team objectives just yet.  But things need to change quickly.

So we’re off to Las Palmas where we can have Vitolo serve as our local tour guide.  But is anyone else terrified of VARAS?  We all know what that guy is capable of (sorry I’m too lazy to find the link but you all know what it would be).  So I’m hoping he does us a courtesy, and lets one goal sneak by so that we can win this match 0-1, add 3 points to our season total (which would be an increase of 150%), and snap out of this funk.

I wish I had a prediction, but if I forced myself to think too hard about it, I might get depressed.