La Segunda–The last week; Sergio Sanchez Comeback?

If you’re not watching the world cup and then reading about it with every second of your waking hours, you’re probably following this sport wrong, but I saw a couple things I thought were interesting:

First, Real Sociedad and Levante are now assured of promotion to La Liga, and the last place is up for grabs between Hércules (68 pts, +25 GD) and our neighbors Betis (68 pts, +19 GD). Interestingly, Betis will host the already promoted Levante (who are winning promotion in their centenari0–that’s freaking great stuff and I’m really happy for them), while Hércules plays at Real Unión, who needs a win to have a shot at avoiding relegation. Should be interesting drama that if it were not happening this month I would probably avidly follow.

Also interesting:

Sergio Sánchez is going to play the pre-season with Sevilla and is hoping to be at 100% by December. Unbelievable. I don’t even know what to say. I’m terrified he’ll be cleared and then something will happen. But if he can come back, wow. Just, wow. What a story.

Ok, that’s all. Now go root for your country!