La Liga TV Revenue Distribution: 2011-12





Numbers have been coming out for this year’s distribution of the TV revenues among the teams of La Liga. If you are reading this, you likely know where we, a blog of Sevillistas, stand on this issue. The club sails or sinks with Del Nido strapped to its bow. If nothing else, at least his rants earlier this week reached the ears (then, keyboards) of most media outlets in Spain.

The exact amounts have been hard to come by since the deals are negotiated individually and with many clauses that result in bonuses, but we’ve done our best to compile information in order to  break down how this season’s TV revenue is going to be divvied out.

Let me refer you to “Las Tablas” on the lower left for this season’s TV revenue distribution. This table also conveniently doubles as your general classification if you are curious about who is winning La Liga this season.

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