La Liga Fixtures!

La Liga’s fixtures for the year were announced this week, and while Marca has the complete fixture list, our friends at El Desmarque have helpfully pulled all the Sevilla matches for your review, available after the jump. A few notes:

  • Obviously the Week 4 and 6 combo punch of RM and Barca ought to get the season off to a very encouraging start.
  • Weeks 10 (Levante), 11 (at Athletic), 12 (Betis), and 13 (at Atlético), and the reverse fixtures, should be similarly compelling and pretty tough for the team.
  • If we’re still eligible for anything at that point, closing the season by hosting Valencia should be a very exciting game. The Barca-Malaga could also be a crucial last match of the year.
  • Overall it looks like a pretty doable schedule…other than the aforementioned stretch of rivals in weeks 10-13, the tougher games are pretty well spread out throughout the year.   As always, our fate will be decided by the results we get against the dozen or so “lesser” teams, but it’s still nice to see how things will sit for the team.
What do you think? See anything interesting in Sevilla or La Liga’s schedule? Check out the schedule below, and share your thoughts!

Jornada  1. Sevilla FC – Getafe
Jornada 2: Granada – Sevilla FC
Jornada 3: Rayo Vallecano – Sevilla FC
Jornada 4: Sevilla FC- Real Madrid
Jornada 5: Deportivo – Sevilla FC
Jornada 6: Sevilla FC – Barcelona
Jornada 7: Celta – Sevilla FC
Jornada 8: Sevilla FC – Mallorca
Jornada 9: Zaragoza – Sevilla FC
Jornada 10: Sevilla FC – UD Levante
Jornada 11: Athletic de Bilbao – Sevilla FC
Jornada 12: Sevilla FC – Real Betis
Jornada 13: Atlético de Madrid – Sevilla FC
Jornada 14: Sevilla FC – Valladolid
Jornada 15: Espanyol – Sevilla FC
Jornada 16: Sevilla FC – Málaga CF
Jornada 17: Real Sociedad – Sevilla FC
Jornada 18: Sevilla FC – Osasuna
Jornada 19: Valencia – Sevilla FC

Jornada 20: Getafe -Sevilla FC
Jornada 21: Sevilla FC – Granada
Jornada 22: Sevilla FC – Rayo Vallecano
Jornada 23: Real Madrid – Sevilla FC
Jornada 24: Sevilla FC – Deportivo
Jornada 25: Barcelona – Sevilla FC
Jornada 26: Sevilla FC – Celta
Jornada 27: Mallorca – Sevilla FC
Jornada 28: Sevilla FC -Zaragoza
Jornada 29: UD Levante – Sevilla FC
Jornada 30: Sevilla FC – Athletic de Bilbao
Jornada 31: Real Betis – Sevilla FC
Jornada 32: Sevilla FC -Atlético de Madrid
Jornada 33: Valladolid – Sevilla FC
Jornada 34: Sevilla FC -Espanyol
Jornada 35: Málaga CF – Sevilla FC
Jornada 36: Sevilla FC – Real Sociedad
Jornada 37: Osasuna – Sevilla FC
Jornada 38: Sevilla FC -Valencia