La Liga Derby: Real Betis v. Sevilla FC

Our heroes make the best trip of the season 10 minutes south along the Guadalquivir where our eternal foes and sometimes dear siblings live. Tomorrow, which marks the first derby since Betis’s return (again) to Primera, should be a little more of the latter until some more morbo gets brewing between these two, and we’re probably going to need Del Nido out of jail and Lopera out of wherever the undead live for that to happen anytime soon. The reality is that since Puerta and Miki Roque’s deaths in the last decade, there has seemingly been more brotherhood than antipathy between us.

This is also the first of three derbies in the next 25 days, so we actually have a pretty good shot at building some enmity in this small window of time. I’m guessing Banega makes some enemies out of some Cani ankles. I’m also guessing I get real sick of seeing Joaquin’s face. So yeah! I look forward to finding a reason to feel strong rivalry with Betis again!

I’m really hoping we get to see the both Krohn-Dehli and Konoplyanka in the starting lineup. I think Mr. Danish and Mr. Sochniki would do well together. I also would like to see Banega and Gameiro and Vitolo on the field. Am I asking for too much? If so can we just have Mariano start? Unai can read. You can forget all of that. I would just like to see Mariano start. Ok, thanks Unai. You the guy.

Ok, this is my confession time now. I’ve alluded to it and here it is: as an outsider it feels fake to decide I dislike a team just because they’re the neighbor. I can’t manufacture hatred of Betis. Can anyone out there who isn’t from Sevilla or lives in Sevilla offer an opinion or anecdote to rile up some spite for someone far removed from the city and the culture? Or are we all just content to enjoy the return of the original Derby Andaluz?  The truth is that I’ll instantly hate any team whose players I see diving or hacking at mine, which on a given day could be any team (and definitely mine, sometimes), so unless there are other compelling reasons disconnected from just living in the city of Seville, it’s hard to feel anything but pleasure at the rekindling of the rivalry. I’m feeling too happy about it to look across the field with a scowl.

Tell me otherwise! And fucking VAMOS!!