Konoplyanka… Why?

estadiodeportivo reporting a rumor that Konoplyanka has already signed with Stoke.

Honestly, I’m just not that bent out of shape about this. I still don’t understand why an attacking left midfielder/withdrawn forward is where we should be investing our money.  And even if we do sign him, he seems to be driving up the cost as much as possible (as he is totally entitled to do).

Honest questions:

  1. Who would you rather have starting, Vitolo or Konoplyanka?
  2. Who would you rather have starting, Banega or Konoplyanka?

So why are we going so crazy chasing a guy who is most likely a backup to two of our very best performers from last year?  I recognize that Kono is a free transfer, but they’re insisting on later kickbacks to Dnipro (20-40% of a future transfer fee), so it’s basically paying for a transfer in the future (though it does lower the risk a bit which is obviously appealing).  But if he is insisting on 4+ million per year, I’d rather spread the love with our existing guys who have proven themselves here.  Give Vitolo, Banega, Bacca, and Krycho each an extra million per year and raise their release clauses…  No?

A proven veteran like Krohn-Deli to back up our attacking mids made sense to me.  Kakuta as a backup on the left wing, who we can possibly turn into our next attacking wing back made some sense to me.  But I’m just not 100% following what Monchi is trying to do with Konoplyanka now that he is clearly no longer our undervalued secret.  Trust in Monchi, but I’m scratching my head a bit.

Now let’s either bring back M’bia or sign N’zonzi for 4.25.  And use Suarez as leverage for a loan + option to buy deal for Montoya or someone else who we can potentially invest in.