Kondogbia: Stay or go?

Tim alerted us to raging rumors that Kondogbia is headed for Real Madrid.  It remains unclear as to whether this is a done deal, something fast approaching, or just overblown rumors.  But it is certainly curious that he never joined the team in South America.

In addition, Emery recently commented on using Carrico in the center of the midfield alongside Rakitic.  However, even this comment suggested that this was because Kondogbia still needs to get acclimated to the team and not, necessarily, because he is leaving.  Here is the quote:

“Teniendo en cuenta que Medel no puede jugar y que Kondogbia necesitará un periodo de aclimatación tras el descanso, hemos hecho esta probatura en el centro del campo. Ha sido positiva, Carriço es competitivo, polivalente… es una opción muy seria que podemos contemplar”.

Especially given the role of the Doyen group, sucking up at least 50% of profits for any sale (plus an extra 1-2 million if I understand correctly) its hard not to be disappointed if we lose Kondogbia and only make 6 million off the deal.  Does anyone remember what we paid for him initially?  I forget.

But it would leave us with a big hole in the middle where I had been excited about having world class (though possibly still raw) talent.  We’ll see in the next day or so how things play out.