Karpaty Lviv – Sevilla Match Comments

In a perfect world, I’d have time this morning to research a bit about our opponents (about whom I know nothing), and share some interesting tidbits like their recent form, standing in their league, star players, best scorers, etc. You know, stuff to heighten your appreciation for the game. (Incidentally, in a perfect world I’d probably be typing all of this on one of those sparkly new MacBook Airs.) I might even (if I found out) tell you what country they’re from and how to find them on the map. This would all come to pass because in this perfect world, I wouldn’t have a test during the game, because of how in this perfect world, there would be no tests. Just Sevilla games (but the paradox is that in a perfect world, we’d be playing on a Tuesday or a Wednesday instead of today, if you get my drift).

But alas, here we are in reality, so: 1:00 EST, us against them in their house (if I had to guess by the strange way they’re an “h” short of being a mountain range I’ve heard of, and the unholy combination of consonants in the second word…in Ukraine?). Go Sevilla. I’ll miss almost all of this game, but I might check in at the beginning. Anyone going to be here?


Update: Be sure to scroll down and check out Theo’s post on the state of our club from this morning.