Juventus – Sevilla Match Preview

There are cities across Europe whose names ring with memories for Sevilla fans. There is Eindhoven, where Sevilla first tasted European glory in 2006. Then we remember Glasgow 2007, Turin 2014, and Warsaw 2015. These place-year couplings are part of the identity of a club that has been carving its name across most of a continent in the last decade.

On Wednesday we return to one of these sites. Sevilla’s Torino will be full of happy thoughts hearkening back to that victory over Benfica in 2014, and while Sevilla FC as an entity will feel this gives them some confidence, the reality is that the place we visit this week will be wildly different. It will not be Sevilla’s Torino but Juve’s. My knees are knocking a little bit thinking of a Torino stadium churning behind the likes of Pogba, Morata, and Buffon as well as consummate dickhead Mario Mandzukic.

Sevilla is fresh off a much needed win over Rayo Vallecano in La Liga, and I say “much needed” like I say “I want pizza” because I mean it absolutely. Sevilla hasn’t had the glowing start to the season we expected, but selling our best striker and most dynamic play maker may have something to do with that. The win on Saturday is a starting point and one Sevilla craved after our previous starting point of beating Borussia Monchengladbach 3-0 failed to really get us started. But this Rayo victory might be the one!

Emery has been installing a revolving door at the front of our formation, trotting out Gameiro, Llorente, or (less frequently) Immobile in what could be creatively described as a plan. Really, Emery is waiting until one of our strikers performs consistently enough to merit starting weekly. Gameiro seems most likely to get the nod tomorrow, but I would also expect Llorente to pop up in his return to his former club. Maybe we see Konoplyanka make his first start? I Konoplyhope so! He’s the dynamic play maker we bought to replace another dynamic play maker and to make dynamic plays and he has made those dynamic plays but we sort of keep not wanting him on the field except a little bit so wtf come on Emery just start him since we need the dynamic plays that he clearly provides k thx bai.

Who else will be in the squad? I leave it to you, dear readers, to make your predictions.

Vamos. Vamos a Torino! Campeones!