Juventus 0 – 0 Sevilla: “Pretty OK”

“Pretty OK!”

That’s how a Seattle Monchis Men writer, Aaron, described seeing the result of Sevilla’s first Champions League journey of the year to take on Juventus in Turin. He said he was following the match every 25-30 minutes on a phone app while at work. “And so yeah, I turned it on at 20′ and it was 0-0, and I thought, ‘Pretty OK so far!’ And then later, at like 74′ I saw it was still 0-0 and was like, ‘Yep this is very pretty OK. I bet Juve is getting N’Zonzi’d out there.'”

Aaron said it was a very competitive match, which was clearly reflected in the stats analysis he was able to throw together. “I saw that neither team had scored at that point, so that meant no goals to no goals!” But he reassured us the match was a competitive affair regardless of the platform. “I was able to really sink into the intensity when I saw it go to 90+1’. I thought, ‘Will Sergio Rico make a save?’ and then the app said ‘Sergio Rico makes a save’. And I was like, ‘Good job, Sergio Rico. We got this.'”

Tremendous stuff from one of the top soccer minds on the internet.

*See comments on previous post for actual game notes and reaction*