Just Spoke to Monchi – Head Exploded

Whoa. Was not expecting that. And I’m fairly sure that after having seemed passably intelligent during the first part of the interview, I undid that impression by giggling like a school girl when they called me back and put Monchi on the phone.

A month ago Serafin from the sevillafc.es radio show posted a comment on this site asking about the blog. I wrote him back and we chatted a bit. Mostly, he was just facinated and curious to hear more about our English speaking community of Sevilla supporters and he invited me on to the show. I’ll get a permanent link for the show up once I have one, another airing will be tomorrow at 10am spanish time.

Anyway, among the questions I bumbled through was who I would be most interested in talking to and what I would ask him. So I said, Monchi, obviously. He is at the center of what I love about this team and why I started following it. He makes us punch above our weight despite Real Madrid and Barcelona doing everything they can to strangle every free dime out of the other 18 teams in the league. He has been central to this team finding under valued players, bringing them here, and letting us watch them flourish.

So the interview ended. We hung up and I thanked them for having me. No more than five minutes later they call back. And Monchi was on the line! Yes, it was all super awkward as we had to wait for translations (though he spent time in the UK last year to work on his English it seems he’s still a lot more comfortable speaking in Spanish). He said he had already heard about the blog (if I understood correctly) and that he would stop by our site at some point.

I got to ask him one question, which was about what he considered, concretely to be part of the three year plan we keep on hearing about. His response was basically to be in, or at least close to the CL spots every season… Wish I could’ve followed up a bit more to get more specifics. How do we do this? What is the real state of the team’s finances? Does this improvement happen by further developing our youth system? Are we going to make a stronger effort to retain our stars? Are we trying to, in some othe way, increase our fan base?

And I wish I could’ve asked him more stuff: Why don’t you offer M’bia a contract with a built in extension if we qualify for the CL this season. It’s what both he and the team want. Have you told Arsenal to pay Krycho’s clause or piss off yet? What’s the likelihood of us actually retaining Deulofeu or Suarez? Are Coke and Diogo the answer at right back?!?!?

So many questions!

Bottom line is that this was a dream for me. And I hope that all of you here, who contribute to the blog either through writing posts, managing the site, contributing in the comments, or even just reading, felt like you were part of it. This site is certainly not just about me. It is and always has been designed to be a community of people who enjoy the team. I sure as hell don’t know nearly as much as many of the rest of you, I just get excited to have a place to talk about it.

And Monchi, if you are here visiting us, post a comment!!! And if you’re really bored and have some free time, answer my other questions!

Thank you! Thank you Monchi! And thank you Serafin and the other radio hosts for making this dream happen!