Just Like We’d Planned It

If everyone reading this blog could send in a check, I’m looking online for a nicely decorated seasonal fruit basket to send over to Riki and his Deportivo la Coruna teamates in appreciation for their match against Mallorca.  We owe you one guys.  You couldn’t have awoken from your zombie slumber a moment sooner.

In what was probably the most important week in La Liga, both for our rojiblancos as well as the rest of the league, we landed precisely where we’d hoped.  Here we are in 4th place, our fate entirely in our own hands, and just one Almeria away win away from a ticket back to the Champions League (or the qualifying round at least).  And Real remained second place as a nice special bonus.

OK.  Obviously the path taken to get to this spot was a little unexpected.  But we are where we’re at.

And I think there are some definite moral victories coming out of that game.  Yes, we went down VERY early and were getting dominated.  But we came out much stronger in the second half and brought it within a goal despite going a man down.  So, whereas I’d worry that an 0-6 loss, as this thing seemed destined for early on, would have destroyed our momentum heading for the final match of the season and our showdown with Atletico Madrid in the Copa, I think we can keep our heads high.

Anyway, just still glowing from our Champs League prospects.  Two TRUE finals coming up for this team.  Let’s hope we can find enough warm bodies to staff our back line (Fazio’s injury didn’t look good in the replays, Konko is inelligible, and Adriano hurt too…  ugh).  This season might just turn out OK in the end.