Jonathan’s View from Nervión

The playing squad is not the only thing that will look rather different in Nervión come August. Whilst Monchi is diligently working hard acquiring and selling players, manual labor continues apace in and around the stadium.

Work began almost immediately after the last door was bolted after the Europa League celebrations, and the next day large plumes of dust could be seen rising into the morning sky. Any curiosity as to what was going on in there was quickly satisfied as pictures emerged online of our proposed new look Bombanera! And what a beautiful looking arena it promises to be!

A stadium ‘fit for the Champions League’ is what club made clear they want, and it appears this what they are going to get. After many years bearing the full force of the Andalusian elements, the hardy old red and white bucket seats that we all know and love have looked rather shabby and aged for a while. Rather than merely replacing with like for like however, the club has decided to go with something overall more glamorous and modern. The planned work is not merely a cosmetic touch up either, with renovated toilet and catering facilities as well as a new scoreboard (thank goodness) also on the agenda. How they will pull it all off in such a short space of time remains to be seen.

Amidst all the rebuilding excitement/chaos it seems the club has forgot all about season tickets, as even a visit yesterday to the office to ask when I can purchase one was met with a straight “we have no information at the moment” reply. With fear of comparing us with the other lot, Betis are already selling their season tickets, obviously riding on the wave of enthusiasm promotion brought to their supporters (not to mention the acquisition of Rafael Van der Vaart), and if one can complain ever so slightly, one feels that we could have done the same.

The same goes with our 2015/16 New Balance kits. No release date has been announced that I am aware of, although the club shop (which is also being renovated) reopens sometime in July (again no specific dates being advertised) so perhaps that will coincide with the day of the grand unveiling? As anyone who has been to the South of Spain well knows however, there is absolutely no rush to do anything, especially when it comes to customer service… so perhaps one simply needs to chill and go with the flow, or “tranquilo” as they say here!

In the meantime, rumors of comings and goings with the playing squad come thick and fast, and continue to throw up so many new names on a daily basis that it is almost impossible to keep up with. The latest surprise name to be linked with us is 31 year old Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo who according to the Turkish press has already agreed terms!?! Bacca to Milan/Roma/Liverpool etc. stories don’t seem to be going away anytime soon either, and there are doubts that this will change, possibly even up to the very end of the transfer window. Perhaps the the best thing to do is to wait on official confirmation, but one can’t help but keep looking at rumor sites/twitter etc. and getting hopes built up and ultimately dashed again. The agony and the ecstasy of being a football fan during the transfer window I suppose.

So, in just six weeks time all of the hard work on and off the field will have been accomplished, and things will look very different around here. One thing is for certain; this summer promises to perhaps be the busiest and most exciting in living memory for all involved with Sevilla Football Club.


N.B: Some important dates to look forward to:

Tuesday 11th August – Super Cup Final v Barcelona
Saturday 15th August – Start of new La Liga campaign
Friday 28th August – Champions League Group Stage draw
Tuesday 1st September – Transfer Window Closed

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