It’s a FIRE!!! ….. (sale)

much like black friday, post thanksgiving, wal-mart rushing, it looks like this january will contain one of the biggest sales of the past few years.  man city, in face of the UEFA Financial Fair Play rules is set to offload a ton of players at huge discounted rates.  5 happy bonus star points for anyone who gets the reference in the title of this post.

soccernet actually has a decent article on this (i know!  soccernet with a moderately decent article about soccer!!!).

the article lists the following players as the most likely to leave:

ESPNsoccernet has been informed that Adebayor is on £170,000 a week, with Bridge earning £90,000, Lescott £75,000, Santa Cruz and Jo both on £70,000 and Wright-Phillips on £65,000.”

and they project that man city could pay a large chunk (50%) of each of those salaries just to get them off the books.

do any of these guys interest us?

to me, the most intriguing might be Lescott, if we’re not feeling good about a solid presence at CB.  or Jo different type of option up front, particularly if Fabiano is sold.  wright-phillips could serve as a replacement if we sell navas, but we already have plenty of fast dribbling mediocre service wingers.

anyone who actually watches the premiership have any thoughts on these guys?

as always, it would depend on the actual offer city would make, and most likely also on the offer we receive for anyone leaving sevilla.

in monchi we trust.