Is this team on the right track?

Maybe I’m just sick of having the majority of our posts be match comments… So let me promote shendm’s take on where the team stands and make it a post (hope that’s OK with you). I’ll say that I don’t really agree. I think this team is (mostly) on the right track. But I also think he makes some good points and if we don’t debate things like this, then what’s the point of having a blog? Right?


I apologize for the sort of negativity/pessimism guys, but I always like to be realistic in such cases. The improvement is not coming. I don’t want to see my Sevilla struggle (either in the first part or second part of the season) and finish only for EL places… we can do that with our second team. CL spots cannot be achieved with this playing attitude of superstars… not caring too much. Why don’t our players get inspired from RM, who are superstar billionaires, yet give their 200% in every match ? Or… Atletico ?

I’m just fearing that we are becoming the Pathetico once Atletico was… and you all know that they had the deadly duo Aguero-Forlan, probably way better than our Navas-Negredo duo, yet they struggled a lot. But… look at them now. Changed the mentality, attitude and everything regarding football.

I want my Sevilla to fight comfortably for the CL spots… and not in a last-minute stressed out drama like the last match against Almeria, where Rodri scored. We don’t need that because it can backfire then by getting eliminated in the play-offs, where if 4th, we would face teams like Porto, Napoli, Dortmund etc. whoever they may be, strong teams of course. Moreover, we were way better on paper when we were eliminated from Braga than we are now. Only Kanoute was worthier than half of our team now… in every footballing aspect.

I am tired of dreaming and hoping while nothing is changing. If things improve for good in the future, and I will wait a lot of seasons… maybe forever, because I will never change the love for this team, but I would really want something back for this trust and passion. I don’t even support my local team the way I do Sevilla… and that kills me when things go wrong here, as every other true die-hard Sevillista.

This draw is of course not a tragedy… because it’s only the 11th match. However, it is a strong signal that things are not going the way they should be, and this could be noticed since the match against Villarreal. That lucky victory should’ve not given us false hope. I’m mentioning this for the 100th time probably… the moment we face a team that is eager and motivated to take a point from us, we fail… and that is the story of these 11 matches so far. With Villarreal we got lucky, but luck ends there. Valencia wanted, and they came out with 1 point even with a man down. Atletico wanted and humiliated us. Villarreal wanted and caused us a lot of trouble, luck was with us in the end. Bilbao wanted and took a point comfortably. Levante wanted and luckily took a point…. Rijeka wanted etc etc.

We only defeated teams who either lacked motivation (like Depor for ex.), or were totally out of form, that we messed around with them. Some are saying, we were worse in the first 11 matches last season… true, but those 11 matches were probably the hardest ones, we had a very difficult first part, while now we have a less difficult first part. Only the parts have changed, nothing else. We will probably always beat Eibar… or… Elche… but we will never ever beat Atletico…. material for optimism ? OF COURSE NOT !


Is Sevilla FC on the right track?

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