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Hey guys, I’m turning into quite the media guy here lately first scoring the interview with Emery that I will be posting soon and now getting interviewed by the informational site  Bettingrunner is a sports information site that highlights supporter groups and gives tips on upcoming events.  Anyway, below is the interview in it’s entirety.  Give them a look-see and checkout some of the other supporter group interviews they have done.  You can find those at:


Hello Chris, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi. I’m a software developer and entrepreneur from Washington DC in the US. I am a huge sports fan with a passion for Sevilla and the MLS squad DC United.

How did Monchi’s Men start?
Monchi’s Men is a blog and community of folks that was started around 2010 out of a desire to discuss Sevilla FC and La Liga with fellow English speaking individuals. During that time, English coverage of team and league news (other than Barcelona and Real Madrid) was really hard to find on the internet and TV. We have grown from a few members to around 30 regular contributors while getting around 3000 visitors on the website per month. Our authors try to provide a pre and sometimes a post-game post for every Sevilla game with updates on what is happening with the team. On game days, you can find English speaking Sevilla fans commenting on the game, celebrating a win, and cursing a loss.

What’s your role there? Who are the other main contributors?
My main roll with the site is providing technical support, website design and the hosting infrastructure. I also contribute posts on occasion and help social marketing through Facebook and Google Plus. Recently I was granted an interview with Unai Emery, Sevilla FC’s manager, which we will be posting any day now.
Our main contributors are Aaron, Jeremy, Rene, and Jonathan. They are a great group of guys and some of the best Sevilla FC supporters in the world.

How is Monchi’s Men different from other blogs?
Monchi’s Men is unique in relation to other Sevilla fan sites because we are probably the most distributed worldwide. We have contributors in Australia, Japan, Russia, Canada, Kosovo, the UK, the US and other countries. Some of our members have never even been to Sevilla, but became fans because of the heart and fight distributed by Sevilla teams year after year.

Let’s talk about football. In your opinion, who has a greater chance of winning La Liga this season?
At this point of the season, it is Barcelona’s to lose with only seven games left. I can’t see a way without a complete meltdown where they drop enough points for Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid to crawl back in it. They have Sociedad this weekend on the road. Sociedad just broke Sevilla’s home winning streak last weekend, so I expect an inspired effort from them in from of the San Sebastian fans. Then Barcelona is back home next weekend against Valencia. Those are probably the only games left on their schedule where Barcelona may drop points.

Is it going to be a battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the finals?
Isn’t it always with the exception of Atletico in the last few years with Simeone. I think with the TV money distribution being spread more evenly in the years to come, the chances of a Villarreal, Valencia, Bilbao, or Sevilla to compete for a title will be more likely.

What’s Sevilla lacking to compete with the top clubs?
Sevilla are competing with the top clubs and have been for some time. Sevilla is one of the most successful clubs in Europe over the last 10 years winning the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League) in 2006, 2007, 2014, and 2015. They also won the Super Cup in 2006, the 2007 and 2010 Copa Del Rey and the Supercopa de Espana in 2007. Sevilla wins trophies plain and simple. Sevilla have a chance at two trophies this season when they play Barcelona in the finals of the Copa Del Rey; they are also in a good position to move on to the semi-finals of the Europa league for the third year in a row.
When it comes to La Liga it is hard to compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid, although Sevilla has had some success head to head recently. The main reason it is so hard to compete is the pure fact that those two team’s earnings are so much greater than Sevilla’s and they can buy as many of the top players in Europe as they would like including most of Sevilla’s star players over the years. The players Sevilla has lost to those two teams over the last 10 years are: Seydou Keita, Dani Alves, Adriano, Ivan Rakitic, Alex Vidal all to Barcelona and Diego Lopez, Sergio Ramos, Julio Baptista to Real Madrid.
With that said, the league will finally start to distribute the TV earnings more equally throughout all the teams in La Liga. Our share increases around 20 million Euros next season. Hopefully that allows us to hang on to some of these quality players that Monchi seems to find all the time and thus allow us to compete in the league.

Do you think any upcoming transfers would improve the current situation?
Transfers in are one thing, but transfers out are the bigger concern, as it is every year with this club. Our sporting director, Monchi, is great at recognizing talent, buying those players for little money and then selling them for a great profit.
We will probably see the same this summer with teams hovering around to snatch up Sevilla’s central attacking mid fielder, Ever Banega. There are also rumours of teams like Liverpool and Real Madrid showing interest in Sevilla’s defensive midfielder, Krychowiak.
Assuming Sevilla can hang on to our core players, the biggest concerns right now are finding a backup striker and backup right-winger. Sevilla were hoping that Fernando Llorente was going to provide more depth this season at striker, but he hasn’t performed well enough.

Who was the greatest player of all times?
Are we talking Sevilla? During my span of fandom, I would say Frederic Kanoute. He was so fun to watch, won Sevilla trophies and scored a ton of goals. Diego Maradona did play for Sevilla for one season. You could say he was the greatest to put on a Sevilla kit, as many regard him as the best all time player. My vote for the greatest of all time is Messi. He will be the all-time leading goal scorer barring injury or jail time for tax evasion.

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